Connor Shaw calls out South Carolina fans for leaving early


South Carolina has one of the best home field advantages in the SEC. The Gamecocks are 32-5 over the last five years, and Saturday night was no different, defeating the Commodores 35-25.

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And as the senior leader and face of the program, Connor Shaw was none too pleased fans left early and made it a point to address it during the post-game press conference.

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Davis was nice about it, but Shaw took it further, “First off, I don’t think there’s any excuse for our stands to be emptying out. I was kind of disappointed in that.”

The Gamecocks were throttling the Dores 35-10 late entering the fourth quarter, but a late rally cut the lead to 35-25.

Last year Spurrier called out the Carolina football culture after fans left early against ECU, via

“I hope we’re not reverting back to the days when football wasn’t very important around here and the pregame party and the postgame party was more important than the game itself,” Spurrier said. “I’m hoping the Gamecock fans will treat the game as the most important part of their Saturday football day. It didn’t appear that way yesterday.”

Connor Shaw has quietly had another great season so far, but all anyone wants to talk about is Jadeveon Clowney and Mike Davis. Shaw continues to be the SEC’s most underrated player.

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Here’s a photo via FitsNews of the student section Saturday night.


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  • Thanks Connor Shaw, your words are those of a real man. When a fan buys a ticket it is an agreement to behave with honor toward investment on the field.

  • Connor Shaw & Spurrier should quit crying about the fans and their rights to come and go as they wish and focus more on winning the SEC East ! South Carolina fans are some of the best anywhere and shouldn’t be reprimanded because a few fans choose to leave early for what ever reason.

    • Damn straight they should continue to address the fans leaving. It’s not whining or crying it’s being real and making sure the fans don’t get complacent. As a Gamecock fan (and football fan in general) I think it’s pretty crappy for “fans” to leave a game early regardless of which team they are cheering for, especially half the damn student section. Momentum can swing at a moment’s notice in any game and having the home team fans there can help when the visitors are charging.

  • Well, I have to say fans are under no obligation to stay for any portion of the game. On the other hand, if I knew the coaches and players on the team weren’t focused on the game at hand, but instead were worried about what the fans were doing, I’d stick around if I were a fan.

  • I’m a student at USC and it ticks me off to no end when other students leave early. Easy fix: student ids get scanned on the way out and if you leave before the end of the game you lose the right to request a ticket for the rest of the year. Extreme? Yes. But it is positively unacceptable that all of those fans leave early, while other students watch the game on tv because there aren’t enough tickets.

  • Connor Shaw needs to realize that 40 year olds paying a stupid amount of money to watch him play are also interested in having a beer back in the parking lot. And if turnovers start ruining your buzz, well, that’s his fault, not ours. He’ll understand all of this in 20 years. We love you baby. Keep it up.

  • It is not just a USC problem. It is has become endemic with college football at most schools. Non-student fans shell out thousands a year just for the right to pay hundreds more for the actual tickets. They tend to stick around until late. Most of the empty seats are in the student sections where they arrive late and leave early because the pre and post game parties are all that matters. The Greeks are the biggest offenders on most campuses. At Bama for example, the student section only fills for a couple of high profile games a year and even then it tends to empty not long after halftime.

  • As South Carolina football tickets have increased in cost this year making them some of the most expensive tickets in the SEC, the ticket holder is supporting the football program by purchasing the tickets. How long they stay is a right of the ticket holder.

  • Here’s a second response after I’ve had a few more minutes to think about this topic. I have really been puzzled since the game Saturday night as to what in the world caused the total collapse of the defense and special teams for the Gamecocks….now I know… was the fans leaving early….really?

  • I’m a Gamecock Student and it makes me sick that our Student Section is looked down upon like this. I attended every second to the alma mater of the UNC, UGA and Vandy game. But how do you stop students from going to a massive outdoor party when your winning 28-0 against a lesser team. I’d never leave but its hard to convince my fellow student to stay.

  • Wow, that’s so disrespectful and unclassy. If you are a true loyal fan, you do not leave that game until 0:00 hits that clock. As a lover of college ball and lifelong Bama fan, that truly makes me feel bad for South Carolina’s football program and most of all the players on that team. These college players come out every game day and play their hearts out for their school. They deserve to have the type of fans that appreciate them and support them at all times, especially during a game. I went to the Capital One bowl in Orlando when Bama played Michigan State, we were up 42-7 at halftime…guess what? The stands were full with nothing but Crimson and White and stayed that way until the clock expired. That’s what fans do, win or lose support your team!

  • We were up 35-10 going into the third quarter. It was 10:45 at night and the students have been drinking all game. This game was sold out, show more perspectives then just the student section please. Thanks.