Michigan fans react to losing 5-star DE Da’Shawn Hand to Alabama

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Michigan

Michigan was long since thought the favorite to land the country’s top defensive end, but Alabama closed strong in the last few weeks.

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Michigan fans took to Twitter to voice their disgust with Da’Shawn Hand’s decision and accuse Alabama of cheating. I’m all about passion and pride for a school or conference, but some fans just need to give it up. Some of these are hilarious, though.

Warning: There is some language in the reactions.

Over at the website MLive.com, Michigan fans also reacted on the commitment story. Here are some of the comments:

“Now Sabin gets to sit down with one of his 4-star recruits and explain to him why his “scholarship” will not be renewed. “Well, you see…there’s this young man named Da’Shawn Hand that just chose us….and, well – I’d like to wish you good luck in all your future endeavors.”

“Smart business decision, play in the best conference for the best team with the best coach. Or come to Michigan. It is never about academics. Never. Otherwise Northwestern Stanford and UM would be getting all the top guys. Hoke might not even be here in 13 months after UM gets demolished in Columbus.”

“Go to Alabama and win National Championships or come to Michigan and be a middle of the pact Big Ten team. I hope Hoke realizes that he desperately needs to reevaluate the development of his recruits and take that into consideration. Recruits are finally starting to take notice and good for them. Hoke is not the answer.”

“ok according to multiple recruiting sites:
RIvals-Hand-1 Peppers-2
ESPN- Hand-6 Peppers-2
Sports247- Hand-4 Peppers-3
Scouts- Hand-10 Peppers-4
Average- Hand-5.25 Peppers-2.75
So we lost Hand, but Peppers might be better.”

“Pre college ratings are so over rated. Big Deal. Find some home grown talent and coach em up–with head phones on”

“Why not go where there’s a great possibility you can win a national championship,” Hand said.
Yup. He didn’t only rule out Michigan with that statement, but the entire Big Ten.”

“Alabama’s players are dumb, but they are very strong and fast, he will fit right in :) One Alabama recruit had a 14 ACT score, about a 3rd grade reading level :)”

“Will he follow Saban to Texas??!”

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  • I always love these articles. So funny to see fans perspective from other conference/schools. Yeah, I wanted Hand at Florida, but realistically we knew it wouldn’t happen. Hate he went to Bama, but at least he stayed in the SEC.

  • WOW! All this hate for a high school kid because he did not choose your school?

    I USED to respect UM and its fans. What happened to you guys?

  • “@TheHand54 I hope michigan plays you so Derrick green runs your bitch ass over!! #hailtothevictors”

    You’d think they’d remember the last time they played ‘Bama before posting something like that…

  • so now he’s a dumb overrated player who yall didn’t want??!?! lol… got it….good thing yall dont think u can flip him bc if u did u wouldnt be tweeting him those comments!! glad to know he’s safely a bama commit now after seeing what UM fans said to him…as far as education goes…do a little research about BAMA and our APR…we’re 2nd to standford in graduating our players and while ill be the first to admit some guys leave a little to be desired when it comes to academics, we have plenty of great athletic AND academic talent in the SEC…its 2013 and the argument that we’re dumb inbred racists is so past being old its almost pathetic when thats what fans from up north go to…lol..cant talk about our play on the field so u try to hit us low, but in the end it doesnt hurt…Da’Shawn wanted to study civil engineering in college and UM talked him out of that major bc it was “too hard”, well, BAMA currently has players studying that major and doing well in it, we showed him that we’ll provide him with what he needs to succeed on all fronts and UM didn’t…maybe u should hate on ur own school and teams recruiting abilities instead of ours

  • This is disingenuous and sensational… You hand pick 7 of the most vile responses by UM fans, and present it as if this is the rule and not the exception that it is.
    Not to mention, how many of these 7 are UM students or grads…likely few or none.

  • I would like to have seen Da’Shawn go Blue, but on behalf of the overwhelming majority of Michigan fans we wish him the best at Alabama. I’d wish him luck, but Alabama certainly doesn’t need luck these days.

    • Spoken with class Bryan. Always a few, or a bunch, of bad apples in every group.

    • It is a shame some fans have such an inferiority complex that they have to trash other schools more than they support theirs. But every team has its sore losers, hot heads and just plain jerks. Most team’s fans are like Bryan, good sports. Go Blue!

  • Reason 4,567,828 why Twitter is the worst thing ever.

  • Would you like some cheese to go with that whine? LOL

  • It’s funny how quickly a player can turn “overrated.” If he was all hype why would so many Michigan fans get so hurt? Like, stop worrying about commits you lost and worry about recording at least 1 rushing yard in a game before the season ends.

    • Not even related to the article and late to the latest carousel rumors. Nice

      • Interesting rumor, but something about it doesn’t seem right. Saban is extremely successful at the college level, but his style didn’t bring the same results in the NFL. I’ve also read that he didn’t like the dynamics of coaching NFL players. Sixty million would be a big enticement, but I have a feeling there’s not much truth to this one.

  • Michigan is a really good academic school, but I thought the one fellow comparing it to Northwestern & Stanford was funny.

  • Awwwww, poor little Michigan fans, that mean ole Alabama took your prized recruit away, we will all hold a candle light vigil in the SEC for you all.

  • The Big 10 is irrelevant and Michigan fans are delusional.

  • Ohio St. will level that backwards ass bunch of Michigan clowns. Alabama ran Michigan’s ass over in 2012 41-14 and yet they act as if they are better than Alabama. S. Carolina knocked their asses out also. Looks like the SEC is just having fun with the B1G.

  • It’s Alabama!!! It’s the SEC!!!! Seriously, you’re shocked!!! With the exception of not choosing Auburn, he made the right choice! (Can my eyes roll back in my head any further!?!) SMH