Five reasons SEC chants will only be louder in 2013

I once got into a shouting match with a Georgia fan at a craps table in Vegas. Minutes later we joined together in an SEC chant. This was 2005 (i.e. the SEC hadn’t won 7 straight BCS Championships yet).

I once joined together with some brothers from Ole Miss and Georgia in ridiculing a Georgia Tech student at a beach-side bar in Cinque Terre, Italy. After explaining to the GT student that we’d rather go to school in Russia than Georgia Tech, an SEC chant was a natural conclusion to the discussion.

SEC chants are spreading. They’re getting louder. They’re annoying the elite sports writers and ACC fans more than ever. And it’s not going to stop in 2013. In fact, it’s going to get louder, and here’s why:

1. Even Vandy fans are getting in on it – While throttling NC State in the Music City Bowl, the home town crowd in Nashville started blasting SEC chants at those ACC jokers. It was both a moment of pride for me and a moment of warning.

I immediately thought back to my neighbor Frank in 2005. You see Frank was an electrician making roughly $45,000 a year. Frank also considered himself a real estate expert. He had 3 homes and close to a million bucks in mortgage debt. The problem of course was that everybody was a real estate expert those days. We all know how that ended.

When I hear Vandy chanting SEC during bowl games, I start to wonder if the SEC chant is reaching bubble status. Like the real estate bubble years ago, a good sign of a bubble is when everybody starts getting in on the action.

The good news is that bubbles can sometimes last longer than you often expect and that means 2013 will be even louder than 2012.

2. Bret Bielema – It’s one thing for Arkansas, an upper-mid tier program in the SEC, to snag a coach from an upper tier program in the Big Ten. It’s great and provides plenty of anti Big Ten fodder. It’s quite another thing to take the job and take to the Twitterverse to battle critics. I love this guy. Click here for some examples.

This guy is like the combination of a good coach and an annoying SEC fan. Heck, I won’t be surprised to see Bielema himself start some SEC chants in the 4th quarter of Arkansas games next year.

 3. Jadeveon Clowney – I’m pretty sure that the Department of Homeland Security raised the threat level to neon orange or something as a result of The Hit against Michigan in the Outback Bowl. Not only did the Federal agency take notice, but the college football world took notice.

Clowney will be a machine in 2013. He will clobber opposing players all season long as he marches toward a possible Heisman run. He is the best defensive player in college football.

4. Johnny Manziel – Along with the best defensive player in football, the SEC is also home to the most exciting offensive player. 2012 was Johnny Football’s coming out party and there’s no reason to expect it can’t continue in 2013. Despite losing his left tackle, Manziel has 3 starting offensive linemen coming back.

The Aggies should have a very high preseason ranking and a number of primetime television slots as the nation watches Johnny Football do his thing.

5. Saban is the terminator – Nick Saban just won his 3rd BCS Championship in 4 years and I’m pretty sure that he celebrated for about 9 minutes. Then, Saban put an end to rumors of him jumping to the NFL (while rumors of Brian Kelly jumping to the NFL accelerate). If anyone thinks that Saban doesn’t fully intend to win the next 40 national championships, they’re nuts.

The Crimson Tide lead off against Virginia Tech in 2013 and we should expect an absolute blood bath. Virginia Tech (also known as the most overrated program of the BCS era) gets to take the role of Michigan at the start of the 2012 season. We all know how that one played out.

Saban has two missions this offseason: prepare for Johnny Manziel on Sept 14th and put a nail in the coffin of that stupid phrase “Beamer Ball.” While Beamer Ball goes up in smoke, the SEC chants will haunt the dreams of ACC fans everywhere.