Auburn beats Alabama in the game of the year

Can you believe what you just saw? I’m utterly speechless. That was the best finish I’ve ever seen to any football game this year, and the Iron Bowl lived up to the hype and more. In fact, it will go down as the best Iron Bowl in history, and the 2013 game of the year.

Here are a few quick takeaways:

Auburn is going to Atlanta: What a season! The Tigers win the SEC West and punch their tickets to Atlanta in one of the most miraculous seasons I’ve ever seen. Auburn is still alive in the BCS National Championship hunt, too, and how in the world can you have a one-loss SEC Champion not jump Ohio State after they barely skated by Michigan today?

Play of the game: Chris Davis’ missed field goal return for 100 yards was the play of the game. If you thought Auburn couldn’t top the miracle against Georgia, they got you…and me. What an epic finish and a great return by Davis. I’m still wondering why Nick Saban tried to kick a field goal to win it.

You can also watch the video on YouTube here.

Running game: Everyone kept saying that Auburn had to be balanced in order to beat Bama, but the Tigers dominated the ground game and rushed for 393 yards. Nick Marshall finished with 99 yards and one TD, and Tre Mason finished with 164 yards and one TD.

Questionable decision: With such a wacky and wild game, who would have thought Nick Saban would have tried a 57-yard field goal, especially when Davis was back there to return it? Saban is the best in the business at making great in-game calls and adjustments, and that’s one he’ll regret for the rest of his coaching tenure.

Special Teams: Alabama shouldn’t have even been in that situation to end the game. The Tide missed three field goals and had another one blocked, including the missed field goal for return to end the game. The Tide’s special teams had been so special all season, and it killed them when they needed it the most.