Johnny Manziel leaving Twitter to ‘avoid distractions’ is smart

Do you have Johnny Manziel fatigue yet? If you don’t, you may want to check your pulse.

Manziel has self-imposed his own Twitter ban in an attempt to keep his personal life more private.

It’s one of the best calls he’s made all offseason. The perception surrounding him seems that everyone is unfortunately against him, and it’s ultimately better to be safe than sorry.

The rise of Johnny Manziel has played out before our eyes and before our Twitter accounts, and the heightened use of Twitter has only added to the fatigue and TMZ-like coverage.

The only thing stopping Johnny Manziel in 2013 is Johnny Manziel…and possibly a revenge-filled Nick Saban. One of the biggest distractions to any college athlete is social media, and Manziel seems to have had enough of it, for now.

He’s been surprised at the negative publicity in recent weeks, for both on- and off-field incidents, and his offseason has been well documented to the point that fatigue has set in.

We all know how The Shove took social media by storm recently, and the temporary Longhorn tattoo and the bikini tops in Cabo have been talked about and endlessly debated.

Manziel wants to keep a lower profile and step away from Twitter, via ESPN.

“I’ve kind of just shut it all off,” Manziel said. “With how the media has been with me for a while, I just shut everything off. As of [Monday], I said I was done with [Twitter] for however long. It’s fun to have, but it can get to be distracting at points.

“I’m surprised to [see] how the attention has continued through the offseason,” Manziel said. “I guess I thought it would die off and slow down a little bit, but it really hasn’t.”

A Twitter-less Manziel is good for the football player. He can concentrate on what he has to do on the field the same way he did last year when he was a nobody trying to win a starting job.

I want to see Manziel succeed; I don’t want to see him fail. And if you want to see him fail, you’re selfish.

Let’s all step back, evaluate his situation and let Manziel do his own thing.

His transformation from Johnny Manziel, to Johnny Football, to Johnny Heisman to Johnny Cabo may have been fun to watch, but he’s just a young man who’s had a tremendous amount of success early in his life and who’s blessed with more athleticism than all of you who are reading this, and certainly more than the author. And he likes to have fun in college.

Let’s let Johnny be Johnny, and the fact that he has stepped away from Twitter is a good thing for all parties, no pun intended.

Photo Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports