Johnny Manziel under NCAA investigation

The NCAA is investigating Johnny Manziel, according to ESPN’s Outside the Lines

According to Outside the Lines, Manziel agreed to a five-figure flat fee to sign photographs, footballs, mini helmets and other items while at the BCS Championship Game in Miami at the request of an autograph broker named Drew Tieman.

Witnesses told ESPN they saw Manziel signing autographs, but they never saw an exchange of money.

If the NCAA investigation reveals that he did accept money for the signed items, he could be ruled ineligible.

Manziel is scheduled to meet with the media Monday.

The offseason from hell continues. Hopefully we’ll get to see this in 2013.

Update: A second autograph broker is now claiming Johnny Manziel asked for money to sign autographs. An alleged photo emerges of Manziel the night before the Alabama game, but still not much. ESPN reports 2nd autograph broker said he DIDN’T pay Manziel cash for signing, but he claims Manziel’s personal assistant later asked for money.

What’s next for Manziel and the investigation?


Photo Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE