Vols’ freshman QB Josh Dobbs to reportedly start against Mizzou, gives UT a better chance


It looks like Tennessee freshman QB Josh Dobbs will get his first career start Saturday against Missouri, one week after Butch Jones removed his redshirt against Alabama. Justin Worley, who started seven games this season, will reportedly be out four weeks with ligament damage to his throwing hand thumb.

Dobbs is majoring in Aeronautical Engineering, and it’s safe to say picking up the playbook probably isn’t too tough. He finished 5 of 12 for 75 yards last week after Worley reinjured his thumb.

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Regardless of whether or not Worley is too injured to play, the dual-threat Dobbs gives the Vols the best opportunity to win for the remainder of the season and especially against Missouri. Two spread offenses with mobile QBs in Toledo and South Carolina gave the Tigers arguably their two toughest games, with Shaw giving Mizzou their only loss to date.

The Vols’ offense needs some kind of spark, and although improved, Worley sitting in the pocket hasn’t provided that spark. Dobbs can be that guy, and he looked sharp on several passes and looked plenty mobile enough to make a big play or two in the running game.

If there’s ever a good time to start a freshman, this is it. Tennessee’s bowl hopes will likely come down to Vanderbilt, and that gives Dobbs two games against ranked opponents and a bye week to prepare for the Commodores.

Butch Jones spoke on Dobbs earlier today when Worley’s status was still up in the air, via GoVolsXtra.com.

“He was poised. He was calm. He was disciplined. He had a command about himself.

“He’s a 4.0 student. I think he’s got a photographic memory. You’re either a fountain or a drain, you know? Every day he’s a fountain.

“You would never know that he played on Saturday. He is the same Josh Dobbs that we see each day. I take great comfort in being around players like that.”

The question everyone wants to know is what is it about Tennessee QBs and throwing hand injuries?

Photo Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports



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  • FEED US MORE!!!! M-IZ..

  • Man, I hate when my team gets a player’s first game with time to prepare. Sometimes it works out well, but sometimes you get the joy of watching a player introduce himself to the country by playing well and beating your team.

  • there was a reason why James Franklin beat out Mauk and Berkstresser and there is a reason why Worley beat out Dobbs. I’m pretty sure Missouri’s defense will find out what that reason is.

    • I would disagree, slightly. Dobbs is a true freshman, and that may have been the reason. Mauk is a redshirt freshman, and the Mizzou staff knew exactly what he could do. Just a slight difference. But I expect Mizzou’s defense to have a good game, too.

    • Worley beat out Dobbs cause Butch wasn’t sure if he preferred Dobbs or Riley Ferguson who’s also a true freshmen so he redshirted them both. Had nothing to do with Worley being a better qb than Dobbs.

  • Vols finish 8-4, Dobbs solidifies himself as a starter for next year, Tennessee finishes with a top 3 recruiting class landing Clifton Garrett and Josh Malone, Butch Jones is the second coming of General Neyland. That is how the world looks through Orange Colored Glasses

  • I’m not saying Dobbs will lead UT to victory over mizzou but this kid is smart and can make all the throws. If bama’s defense didn’t shake his confidence then mizzou’s d won’t.

  • I’m not an expert on Tennessee football, but this doesn’t make sense to me. Why is this kid not the starting QB?

    Anyhow, Freshman QB vs. Freshman QB – it’ll be interesting.

    • Jones didn’t announce Worley as the starter until pretty close to the start of the season, so apparently Dobbs didn’t impress enough over the summer. I like the way he looked last week though, and for a team that has been running the read option all year it was incredibly refreshing to see a QB that is actually a threat to run the ball.

    • Evidently Jones went with Worley to start with because he was viewed as a leader in the locker room and it felt as if the offense would be more comfortable with Worley in. I’ve been waiting on Dobbs for while, so should be fun to watch. Nervous about containing Mauk though.

  • Josh Dobbs will win SEC Offensive Player of the Week honors after this game, the kid has “It” I can’t really explain it, but against Bama whenever Dobbs came in, I felt confident in our offense for the first time this year. He led the Vols to 10 points against Bama, and without a couple of drops, could have probably been more. This kid is a gamer.

    • Get Popped why don’t you just come out and say Dobbs will be the favorite for the Heismann next year. You exude the difference from a fan and a fanatic. To say he will be Offensive SEC Offensive Player of the week at this point is a little overreaching. I do believe that Dobbs will be become quit acquainted with Michael Sams tomorrow. We’ll see tomorrow how Dobbs and the Vols fare against Mizzous Defense.

      • Because I’m am not that ignorant. There is a difference between SEC Offensive Player of the Week and favorite for the Heisman trophy. If Josh Dobbs goes on the road and leads TN to a victory over a top 10 Mizzou team in his first career start, I have no choice but to believe he would be the SEC Offensive Player of the Week. This game rides on his shoulders and everyone knows it. This kid is special. As far as Michael Sam, I’m not worried. In passing situations, TN has the best offensive line in the country. Ask Florida and South Carolina, who are both better DL units than Mizzou in my opinion.