Georgia receiver arrested on marijuana charge


Georgia wide receiver Justin Scott-Wesley, who is out for the season with a knee injury, was arrested Thursday by police and charged with a misdemeanor for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

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Here’s the report from the AJC detailing the incident:

According to police records, UGA Police officer Matt Browning was dispatched to the dormitory at 10:41 p.m., Wednesday. The officer traced the smell on the first floor of the dorm to Scott-Wesley’s room. After Scott-Wesley was confronted, he grudgingly gave consent to search his room and glass pipe and marijuana “grinder” were located in a desk drawer. No significant quantities of marijuana were found but the residue in the grinder resulted in the possession charges, according to the report.

However, an arrest warrant was not issued until Thursday morning. Scott-Wesley turned himself in to the Athens-Clarke County Jail at 4:19 p.m. on Thursday and released three hours later on a total $4,000 in bond. He was booked under his given name of Justin Bernard Wesley.

Scott-Wesley’s arrest is similar to that of Josh Harvey-Clemons, who was suspended for the first game of the season.

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  • Damn it man. He’s an incredible athlete. Needs to get his head straight. Hopefully Richt doesn’t make an example out of him.

    • I totally disagree. We will never stop the problem unless we make an example out of someone. This is not an accident – this is a conscious decision to break the rules. He needs to be embarrassed, humiliated, or whatever so that he truly regrets what he did and so that others will not make the same stupid decisions. Personally, I am tired of saying that these are just kids and doing what kids do. If you are old enough to knowing break the law and team rules, there should be significant penalties.

      • No, the problem lies in the nation’s pathetic war on drugs. It is a huge waste of resources and negatively effects a large majority of otherwise law abiding citizens, and a disproportionate amount of minorities. It’s silly to punish people for something that is not harmful to themselves or society. I support Scott Wesley and all the other athletes who have been reprimanded for something so minor. As far as rules and legality goes, keep in mind it was once illegal for blacks to use the same water fountain as whites. So just because there is a law, doesn’t mean it is a good one.

        • Very very well said. I hate how players get in trouble for weed and people scoff and act disgusted. Down the street that same drug is helping a kid with epilepsy live a better life. But it doesn’t matter, people will call him the bad guy while their significant other is raiding the pill cabinet for their pain killer fix.

  • Another side of Georgia football. The difference between Lou Saban and Mark Richt is that Saban has a temper that scares the hockey-puck out of his players, which keeps them focused on their purpose of winning football games. Mark Richt is a loving, honest, compassionate man. I admire him. However, as a football coach, nice guys don’t win the big ones when it counts because his players lose focus.

  • All right I’m going to discuss the element in the room? What’s the Vegas odds of him being pulled from the Florida game, then returning in the second half if Florida starts winning? That being said, I hate it that Georgia can’t hold all their offensive pieces together, whether it be injury or rule-breaking, which was a big problem for them 1-2 years ago.

  • I haven’t smoked weed in awhile, but if it were legal, I’d probably do it occasionally. When I did do it, it was always because other people were around and had it. If JSW is just doing it in his room alone, that is weird. Especially considering everything on the line. Bottom line: I don’t get it.

  • Ok people, stop this if it were legal crap. Even if it were legal, that doesn’t mean the NCAA would allow it. I can sit here and name many LEGAL things that all sports don’t allow.

  • Whether Mary Jane is legal or not isn’t the issue. These MEN, and they are all above 18 yrs old, knew the rule and broke it. If the team had a rule that you can’t wear green shirts and they wore a green shirt, they would have to suffer the consequences. I do applaud the UGA program in that you make these incidents public and hopefully stop further incidents. Is it a competitive-disadvantage, yes. But I think most UGA fans want a clean program and are very happy CMR builds men as much as players. JSW will pay a price and hopefully learn a valuable life lesson.

  • @ Wareagle91 – I’m not so sure ANY Auburn fan can sling mud with all the questionable incidents you guys have had over the years. Remember your current star QB was dismissed form UGA for stealing from his own team mates. sCam Newton, dismissed from Florida for stealing a laptop and being genius enough to log onto the school website with it using his own log on info then tossing it out a window when security arrived. Not too mention his 13 unpaid parking tickets and the pending investigation into academic fraud.