Reaction to Les Miles affair & resignation rumors

Rumors broke Saturday night that Les Miles had an affair with a student and would resign on Monday, but sources at LSU have denied it. Les is married to Kathy Miles and the rumors still continue to spread through the internet.

In fact, Twitter nearly exploded with the thought of a Bobby Petrino-like scandal happening to Miles. Only this time, the girl was speculated to be a college student, not someone who worked on his support staff.

However, CBS Sports’ Bruce Feldman finally shot the silly rumor down:

The rumor was apparently started by an Alabama message board Bama Online and introduced to Twitter by multiple people, including a Western Kentucky student:

Message boards have become a great source for inside scoops on SEC football programs, but they can also be a source for false information. In today’s online media landscape, these stories can spread like wildfire. The first red flag on this particular rumors, is that the rumor was conceived on the message board of another team.

It’s only March – this is going to be a long offseason. Let us hear your reaction in the comments below: