Nebraska’s Martinez: ‘Big Ten talent-wise is a lot better than SEC’

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He made similar comments before the game, and now even after Nebraska lost to Georgia in the Capital One Bowl, QB Taylor Martinez remains bullish on the Big Ten over the SEC. It’s not about which team was more talented or athletic because we know that answer already. Or about which conference is the best, as we know that already, too. But according to these quotes from the Husker Extra, it’s funny how Martinez refuses to give his opponents any credit:

Martinez did anything he wanted except win. The Husker’s offense fizzled out after a third-quarter fumble, and Georgia torched the Huskers’ top-rated pass defense to the tune of five touchdowns.

Nebraska did rack up an impressive 443 total yards against Georgia’s defense. But let’s face it, several teams put up numbers against Georgia’s defense. They were underachievers in ‘12 after finishing in the top five in total defense in 2011.  Martinez called Georgia ‘one of the top defenses in the SEC’.  They weren’t in the top five.

The Big Ten played decently in bowl games, with Michigan and Nebraska playing South Carolina and Georgia tough, and Wisconsin played Stanford tough as well. Northwestern whooped Mississippi State in the Gator Bowl, giving the Big Ten only its second win of the bowl season.

Ironically, Nebraska had the #1 pass defense in the country, and it was their defense – not Georgia’s – that couldn’t get it done down the stretch. But that doesn’t help Martinez’s argument.

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  • You said it best…”except win.” And if we’re speculating (as Martinez loves to do)…let’s consider that it could have very easily been 57-31 when you consider the safety should have been a TD and King rarely let’s a TD slip through his hands like he did toward the end. They are a good team…but not so good as to disrespect. Shows what kind of leader he is…not a very good one.

    • Did anyone see him and Shawn Williams going at it after he threw that pick? For the rest of the game, Williams s after him haha. Right before he was about to run out of bounds at the end of a play, you can see Shawn Williams busting it to get there in time and he shoves Martinez who went flying into the bench. He then destroyed his blind side on a safety blitz right after Martinez let it go…. I bet by the end that scumbag was inking I think I’ll leave that safety alone

  • He’s just blowing off steam trying to troll SEC because Shawn Williams murdered him in that game. Calm down guys, Taylor Martinez is nothing but a joke. And plus, I should respond UGA did pretty much anything they wanted to against the nations “best pass defense” without our 3 leading receivers.

  • Martinez was absolute garbage before this season. He’s got a lot of nerve to criticize anything but his shadow

  • They are a bunch of whiney princesses in Nebraska obviously. I wouldn’t say Georgia stomped them but we darn well did what we wanted through the air. Its just bad sportsmanship and this marks the second year in a row they’ve done this. First with the loss to S.Car then with yesterdays loss. I like how they spent part of the game showing how much Martinez has fixed his throwing mechanics and everything and then towards the end he reverts right back to that nasty looking pass and throws an Int. lol.

  • “Anything he wanted except win.” HA! I’ll give Nebraska that they played a hard game and had me worried at halftime. But I would say that had more to do with their running backs and OL going against our shoddy DL — not Mr. Martinez’s feigned quarterback brilliance. He had a few good runs when flushed out of the pocket. BuckVincent, you’re absolutely right — a bunch of whiners eatin’ sour grapes. And it starts at the top with Pelini whining about the intentional grounding calls. Referees blow calls every game both ways, get over it. I’m just glad that Shawn handed it to “T-Magic” a few times after he decided to get into it with him after the interception.

  • I was there at the game on the 1st. Never at any point did the atmosphere allow anyone on the UGA’s side to think we were going to lose. Even when they were up by 10 or so. You could just feel it was UGA’s game all day. And the crowd was so loud it was hurt the hear the refs blow the whistle. Aaron Murray was on fire after the second pick. It was awesome!!! And some of the play calls Bobo were calling were crazy.

  • This guy loves to trash talk…