Oregon fans react to 26-20 loss against Stanford

Another year and another Oregon loss to a physically dominant team in Stanford.

The Ducks were so caught up in wanting to play Alabama they didn’t see the Mack Truck in their own division. The score isn’t indicative of just how Stanford dominated the game, and as you might imagine, Oregon fans didn’t take the loss too well.

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It all but knocked them out of the national championship, but could it have a lasting effect on the perception of the Ducks’ offense against bigger, physical teams? Are we having this conversation again?

Oregon will never do this and this again.

On the game recap from OregonLive.com, Ducks fans react in the comments section:

“When’s the last time bama played on the west coast? Never they don’t fly. all their games in the S.E. corner of the country. Too scared to go anywhere. Mulligans. Mulligans. Mulligans.”

“Even my 96 year old grandmother knew why Stanford was running the same play 10 times in a row?”

“I think herbie was right with his comments at halftime. This solidifies the reputation Oregon has and it’s gonna stick”

“We’re going to change the ol’ adage from “clemsoning” to ‘Ducking’.”

“I’m a die hard Duck fan…but what I saw tonight was all the SEC blowhards being proven right…which really DOES make me feel ill…but I’ve got to wonder if U of O just makes things too shiny and swell for these kids…..”

“The formula is so simple against the Ducks. Get a big line, and get ten yards at a time. The Ducks are consistently beat by 1940’s football.”

“It baffles me that Oregon then, after getting beat by Ohio State, Auburn, LSU, and Stanford twice, that they’ll pay some chump in Texas illegally to get them another marquee, undersized flashy guy. Get your rear on a plane to Iowa, or Arkansas, and pick up some 320 lb. defensive tackles. You’re not going to win any national championship until you do. Guarantee.”

“outright byes for bama before LSU and Auburn and the they play some lame school in between. Never leave their little world. Couldn’t handle pac12 schedules”

“Oregon is just not tough enough. They just have not played in tough games and each time, they have played in tough games, they have lost. Oregon somehow gets style points, but you can only fool people for so long. Eventually, you need to “man up” when adversity strikes. Unfortunately for Oregon, they just don;t play in enough tough games. Ironically, Stanford was probably better prepaed for the Oregon just becasue they played in tight games against UCLA and Oregon State.”

“I said it a month ago, Stanford (a traditional style team) would win this one. Ducks would lose to Bama too! Chip Kelly’s flag football scheme is just a gimmick in big time matchups like this game.”

“Who won? Was it Auburn, LSU, Or Stanford. Ducks can’t beat big lines until they get one.”

“absolute embarrassment. everybody said the only way the ducks would lose if they sucked at all positions… yes and the perfect storm happened again. kudos to stanford… A great team”

“Maybe DAT shouldn’t say he is going to drop 40 on a team before they actually play them. Kind of serves them right.”

“Only SEC teams get a mulligan in the current system.”

Photo Credit: Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports


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