Oregon fans react to 26-20 loss against Stanford


Another year and another Oregon loss to a physically dominant team in Stanford.

The Ducks were so caught up in wanting to play Alabama they didn’t see the Mack Truck in their own division. The score isn’t indicative of just how Stanford dominated the game, and as you might imagine, Oregon fans didn’t take the loss too well.

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It all but knocked them out of the national championship, but could it have a lasting effect on the perception of the Ducks’ offense against bigger, physical teams? Are we having this conversation again?

Oregon will never do this and this again.

On the game recap from OregonLive.com, Ducks fans react in the comments section:

“When’s the last time bama played on the west coast? Never they don’t fly. all their games in the S.E. corner of the country. Too scared to go anywhere. Mulligans. Mulligans. Mulligans.”

“Even my 96 year old grandmother knew why Stanford was running the same play 10 times in a row?”

“I think herbie was right with his comments at halftime. This solidifies the reputation Oregon has and it’s gonna stick”

“We’re going to change the ol’ adage from “clemsoning” to ‘Ducking’.”

“I’m a die hard Duck fan…but what I saw tonight was all the SEC blowhards being proven right…which really DOES make me feel ill…but I’ve got to wonder if U of O just makes things too shiny and swell for these kids…..”

“The formula is so simple against the Ducks. Get a big line, and get ten yards at a time. The Ducks are consistently beat by 1940’s football.”

“It baffles me that Oregon then, after getting beat by Ohio State, Auburn, LSU, and Stanford twice, that they’ll pay some chump in Texas illegally to get them another marquee, undersized flashy guy. Get your rear on a plane to Iowa, or Arkansas, and pick up some 320 lb. defensive tackles. You’re not going to win any national championship until you do. Guarantee.”

“outright byes for bama before LSU and Auburn and the they play some lame school in between. Never leave their little world. Couldn’t handle pac12 schedules”

“Oregon is just not tough enough. They just have not played in tough games and each time, they have played in tough games, they have lost. Oregon somehow gets style points, but you can only fool people for so long. Eventually, you need to “man up” when adversity strikes. Unfortunately for Oregon, they just don;t play in enough tough games. Ironically, Stanford was probably better prepaed for the Oregon just becasue they played in tight games against UCLA and Oregon State.”

“I said it a month ago, Stanford (a traditional style team) would win this one. Ducks would lose to Bama too! Chip Kelly’s flag football scheme is just a gimmick in big time matchups like this game.”

“Who won? Was it Auburn, LSU, Or Stanford. Ducks can’t beat big lines until they get one.”

“absolute embarrassment. everybody said the only way the ducks would lose if they sucked at all positions… yes and the perfect storm happened again. kudos to stanford… A great team”

“Maybe DAT shouldn’t say he is going to drop 40 on a team before they actually play them. Kind of serves them right.”

“Only SEC teams get a mulligan in the current system.”

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  • My favorite: “Even my 96 year old grandmother knew why Stanford was running the same play 10 times in a row?”
    That’s called power football. Stanford just saved them the embarrassment playing against Alabama in the national title.

    • I was convinced, while watching the game last night, that Oregon could put their entire roster on the field and they still wouldn’t have been able to stop the Stanford ground game.

    • Special message to NCG voters: Ask the NFL what players should be in the NCG and as the NFL what coaches/programs are producing those players? Mariotta would not be the 2nd string quarterback in Missouri’s NFL quarterback machine. Stop promoting Notre Dame, Oregon, Ohio State, Michigan, Texas, etc. and start accepting which programs should really be facing each other in the Big Bowl(s). It’s going to be embarrassing when the 8 team play-off rolls around and 2-4 SEC programs go thru to the final every year,…. unless sports writers start owning it now. The mentality should be accept and be proud of what those other programs/leagues are now, but don’t slow down their improvement by pretending they are already top tier.

  • Sounds like Oregon fans are a little bit salty this morning.

  • Some serious Pac12 butt hurt

  • My favorites are the shots at Bama about not playing teams on the west coast and not leaving the south. Hahaha…Bama beating about all but 2 of the Pac 12 teams would mean as much as Oregon beating a Tenn team in the middle of one of its lowest points in recent history. The SEC powerhouses would LOVE to have the Pac 12’s schedule. They are sooooooo delusional.

    • Hopefully not in the middle of the lowest point. I don’t want 6 more years of this lol. I think we’re climbing back out. These Oregon fans are insane tho. I hate alabama, but they could fly out there, not sleep, get drunk, and then beat Oregon half hungover.

      • LOL…my use of middle was not meant to be taken that literally. They are showing signs of life and recruiting well. Maybe in 2 years (which probably still sounds eons away).

  • Lets make a list of SEC Heisman trophy candidates that should be ahead of the Oregon quarterback. The way he looked last night every SEC team has up to half a dozen better candidates.

    Oregon is exposed for what they are, a good fast team, as long as the other team doesn’t have an above average defense. If football followers watched their players techniques, then it is clear that they are not nearly as good as 1-loss Missouri, or Auburn. Missouri has three backs as good as James, and two quarterback better than Mariotta

  • Don’t crap on the Duck Defense that much; give credit to a VERY good Stanford O-line and a QB that can run (though he doesn’t look like it).
    I was more surprised at the ineffectiveness of the Duck Offense. MarcusM is great but they had no run game at all.
    If anything I think this exposed the weak defenses that Ducks have run up scores on this year.

  • “Couldn’t handle PAC-12 schedules.” LOL

  • Watching that game reminded me why I’m happy our former OC Yost resigned. That game reminded me of last years season of Mizzou. The spread can do damage, but you have to have a power game as well. You have to be able to man up in the trenches on critical downs. Oregon’s style works against other finesse teams, but they don’t have an answer for the opposite brutal style of play. The entire off-season everyone around Missouri was wondering how/if we would adjust to the power play of the SEC. Credit Coach Henson for previously working w LSU, being a tight end coach and assistant OL coach and shoring up our offensive trenches. He has seen first hand what this conference is about and has now instatlled the pistol formation and some I-formation within our scheme. We do a decent job when w run from these formations. Oregon prolly will never change because they only play one power team a regular season and if we stayed in the Big 12 we prolly wouldn’t have changed either. The SEC is choked full of power teams- a “line of scrimmage league”, as GP states. There is limit to every type of schematic theory. With today’s atheleticism and football IQ, the best teams add various auxillary schemes to their core system. Just as Alabama and Stanford uses an element of hurry-up and spread formations occassionally, the Spread teams have to counter with an element of power as well. You notice that the element of suprise is very successful when you counter your own tendancies. (Stanfords read option play for a TD comes to mind). Long story short: don’t use birdshot to hunt bear and don’t use slugs to hunt quail.

    • M.A.D. , once again a lot of good points. I don’t think there is a limit to spread attacks. They are going to continue to morph the game into more exciting and high scoring action. It sometimes appears that big linemen near the snap point can control the nature of the game, but what really is happening is fast secondaries are matching the spread with their own spread. The success of these experiments will always tip on numerical advantage. For example: right now defenses are getting away with 3-4 linemen, which lets them out-number the spread’s five potential receivers: T G C G T = 5
      then Q=1
      total 6 but opposing secondaries have 7 or 8
      The next successful offense experiments in the spread will have move one or more of these linemen wider to block for quicker hitting option sweeps, double passes, full speed reverses, etc.. The limiting factor is training big quick offensive linemen in high school for these block on the run tactics. The evolution of the defensive end and other pass rush has already pushed the attack away from pocket passing, numerous times in football history. With the huge increase in QB running, there will be more and more QBs who can run, throw, catch,….all on the move. The big advantage to these new systems will be that teams will not be shutdown when one of their skill QBs gets banged up, 3-4 skill players will share the passing play-book. There will be more interceptions, and fumbles, but in the 40-70 point offensive output scheme we are already seeing, possessions are less important than creating space (the spread). Hold on tight to your popcorn sack. Fans are going to be doing a lot more “Jumping Around”. More skills and speed are coming to the game. College recruits with 100 games experience will be replaced with recruits with 200 games experience. Keeping younger players safe will require the game to continue to return to the concept of roughness verus un-nessesary roughness. Remember the 60’s when everybody boo-ed hits that looked to cause intentional injury, yup that happened. Newspaper writers got down on the cheap shots from the bad boys. The brave new world of football, is really just a cycle, but the exciting thing is… Its not exactly the same cycle.

  • “When’s the last time bama played on the west coast? Never they don’t fly. all their games in the S.E. corner of the country. Too scared to go anywhere. Mulligans. Mulligans. Mulligans.”

    Uh….Pasadena, January 7, 2010. Crystal Trophy #1 of the 3 in 4 year stretch. Your 2 loss Ducks went on to lose the Rose Bowl to Ohio State, and lost your bowl game the next year as well….wait, that wasn’t a bowl game, that was the BCS National Championship, when Cam brought Auburn down on you.

    “outright byes for bama before LSU and Auburn and the they play some lame school in between. Never leave their little world. Couldn’t handle pac12 schedules”.

    -Oregon had a bye last week too, going into their big matchup. Auburn has a bye before the Iron Bowl to recover from the battle with UGA. But yes, it is a terrible burden to get Chattanooga in between as a breather between two top 15 matchups, the second of which will be coming off a bye week.

  • I have never heard such whining in all my life. Excuse after excuse. The fact is you got your butts handed to you by a more physical team. Just glad you learned it now instead of in the championship game against Alabama. Remember you are still in the Pac 12, not the SEC. You would get eaten up on a weekly basis in this conference. So stop whining and start recruiting.

  • http://www.fbschedules.com/ncaa-13/pac-10/2013-oregon-ducks-football-schedule.php

    Couldn’t handle a Pac-12 schedule? These hippies need to lay off the Mary Jane.

  • Alright, so I’m going to college in the PAC-12, but am a life-long ‘Bama fan. PAC-12 schedules are tough. The conference is soo deep this year that I’ve said we’re definitely the #2 conference. 6 already bowl-eligible, and 2 more to clinch this weekend. That being said, the top 3 or 4 SEC schools would dominate Oregon and put them in their place like Stanford did. The SEC gets mulligans, but not this year. The top of the race is too close that mulligans don’t exist this year. As much as I want the PAC-12 in there this year, they can’t compete. Oregon won’t get another chance because Stanford wins the conference, but Utah blew their chance of the PAC-12 in the NCG. But, ‘Bama fans should have wanted an Oregon or Stanford. The last time ‘Bama played the PAC-12 was the 2008 Sugar Bowl, where they lost to Utah 31-17. I want redemption. And an easy win, instead of Florida State, who kind of terrifies me…..

    • FSU is no more unstoppable than Oregon was. Fast, flashy O and a D that thrives on emotion. FSU has played one good team this year in Clemson and decimated them. I’ll admit, that one was damned impressive! This is still a team with a true freshman QB. It was great to watch him play that well in a spotlight game and with all the hype he’s had this year. It’ll be a much different story after he goes home for Christmas (45 minutes outside Tuscaloosa), does all the media stuff that will go along with a Heisman finalist, ACC champ, freshman before the NCG then has to play in that game ON his 20th birthday.

      Meanwhile, Bama will be fielding a team that’s been there the last two years and the entire nation (outside the SE) pulling for their demise. Saban is a robot that uses hatred for his fuel. This game is tailor-made for him. FSU will go in representing the flashy, style point teams (Oregon, Baylor, OSU, etc.) and Bama will represent the hard-nosed, smash-mouth, grinder teams. FSU keeps saying how “Bama/SEC doesn’t want Jameis” and that’s a lot of pressure for him to live up to. Anything less than a convincing win will show weakness. Bama just has to grind it out and make the play win it’s needed to win to prove dominance.

      • Easy, hoss. I think FSU is a much different team than Oregon. Oregon’s O is gimmicky. You get a smart, disciplined D like Stanford’s and the gig is up. FSU’s O is not a gimmick and their D is pretty athletic. If they play Bama, it will be a much better game than if Bama had played Oregon.

        • To you and Bert, I misspoke with my comparison. FSU is definitely the better team of those I mentioned. I wasn’t suggesting that they, like Oregon, score from gimmicky plays, just in the style of high-flying, big offense instead of exploitative. When I watch FSU play, I feel like I’m watching the same basic game plan each week. It’s a solid plan but it’s based on their own efficiency, not their adaptability. In contrast, I see Bama doing what works against the team of the week. Different strategies according to different opponents. This produces fewer big plays and big drives but has the overall effect of working well against everyone. With D, FSU looks to play a disruption style that throws their opponents off their game. It produces games like Clemson where the offense just disappears. The “flashy” that I see there is that, again, it’s based on the same scheme each week and when it doesn’t disrupt the other team or when the other team is adaptable (BC), the D struggles. I mean, does anyone think BC is better than Clemson this year? Probably not, but they sure looked a lot better against FSU! On D, Bama still plays a more adaptable game. Certainly, they’re susceptible to a spread or consistent deep threats, but they’re able to adapt mid-game into a more effective style (see A&M ’12 & ’13). Bama finds a way to win each week, FSU wins the same way each week.

          I supposed a more accurate way of saying what I meant would be “FSU represents the teams relying on pure athleticism and a proven game plan and Bama represents the teams relying on game management and exploiting other teams’ weaknesses.”

      • I’m not sure if you have actually watched the Noles, but they don’t represent the “flashy, style point teams” that you speak of. They are, in fact, very capable of being a “hard-nosed, smash-mouth, grinder” team, they just also happen to have incredible speed and athleticism at each position. Not saying that means they will beat Bama, but I sure as hell ain’t saying they won’t. While we’re at it, I’m not assuming yet that either team will be in the ship.

    • 1: PAC schedules are decidedly not tough.
      2: Conferences don’t get “mulligans”, and neither do teams. If two teams have a loss, the one with the more embarrassing loss will drop further. Pretty simple concept.
      3: Alabama didn’t play the PAC-12 in 2008. Utah was in the MWC until 2011.

    • Uhhhhhhh….Utah was in the MWC in the 2008 Sugar Bowl not the PAC-12. Also it was Saban’s first year at Bama.

  • Just because you have pretty uniforms doesn’t mean you are better than everybody else….Every time Oregon has to play in a big game…THEY CHOKE. Maybe NIKE should quit showering the with pretty pink helmets and recruit some better players and make them a tougher team! Just saying! Don’t take your frustration out on the SEC because you suck.

  • oregon tries to sell the fact that they played an sec and acc school this year…you played virginia, arguably the worst team in the ACC, and a Tenn team that hasnt yet recovered from all the crap they went through, try scheduling FSU or clemson and then lsu or texas a&m, tennessee is an average team at best but they would finsih 10-2 with oregon’s cupcake schedule

    • Tenn hires Kiffin. Kiffin screws Tenn, goes to PAC-12, steals Tenn recruits in the process, forces Tenn into a frantic coach/player recruiting tailspin. Oregon schedules Tenn in the year Kiffin’s recruits would be seniors.”The SEC needs to own this loss.”

  • Damn I love Stanford lol

  • “When’s the last time bama played on the west coast? Never they don’t fly. all their games in the S.E. corner of the country. Too scared to go anywhere. Mulligans. Mulligans. Mulligans.”

    Uhhhhh, Rose Bowl, BCS Championship, 2009 against Texas. When’s the last time Oregon played in the Southeast? It doesn’t matter where you play if you can back up the talk. And it doesn’t matter where you play if you can’t.

  • “outright byes for bama before LSU and Auburn and the they play some lame school in between. Never leave their little world. Couldn’t handle pac12 schedules”

    Seriously? Take your a@@ whippin’ like a man. Outright byes? VA Tech to open the season on a neutral field, played horribly and blew them out by 25. Undefeated Ole Miss team, shut them out. Texas A&M, in their house, won a shoot-out. In the last 3 weeks of the season we face the #9 and #13 teams in the country. You think we can’t handle Cal, WSU, USC, UCLA, Arizona on a yearly basis?

  • Lol, Half of all Oregon fans were not even watching the game in the fourth quarter (Even after the first onside kick). Possibly the biggest bandwagon fan base in the country, mostly made up of people that hate the SEC and think Oregon is the next best thing right now.

  • That’s funny stuff right there. that’s the difference between those tree hugging hippies up there and the hoss country boys we have down south…LOL.

  • I believe that was Oregon State that both UGA and Oregon State agreed to remove each other after going to a 9 game Conference schedule.

  • Oregon = wanna be, that can’t be. Season over – again….

  • Alabama and LSU both had bye weeks this week so not advantage for either. As well as Alabama had been playing I wish we did not have the bye but it also gave us time to heal some nagging injuries. We do not have a bye the rest of the year. There is no bye before AU or the SEC CG if we make that. Alabama has not played out west because it would require a home and home but they have played 4 or 5 Neutral site games in the last 6 years. One in Dallas against a top ten Michigan team. 3 times in Atlanta against Clemson and Virginia Tech and one of the two we played twice. Two of the three times they were top ten ranked teams. This year was the exception although VT was ranked in top 20 for 6 weeks or so before losing back to back games.

  • If everything falls into place, which I think it will. I wouldnt mind seeing Auburn and Oregon go at it again..

  • “When’s the last time bama played on the west coast? Never they don’t fly. all their games in the S.E. corner of the country. Too scared to go anywhere. Mulligans. Mulligans. Mulligans.”

    There is a reason why SEC teams rarely go “out west.” Look at a map of all the FBS teams in the country. Oregon has the following choices of FBS teams to play in their territory (FBS teams in PAC12 states):
    Fresno State
    Utah State
    Colorado State
    Air Force

    7 teams…that’s it

    Here are the SEC choices:
    Southern Methodist
    South Florida
    Georgia Tech
    Texas Tech
    East Carolina
    Middle Tennessee
    Florida Atlantic
    Florida International
    Southern Miss
    North Texas
    Louisiana Tech
    Arkansas State
    Texas State
    Western Kentucky
    South Alabama
    Georgia State

    35 teams…the SEC doesn’t have to travel..I laugh when I read that UGA is “chicken to travel for OOC games.” So it doesn’t count as a tough game when we travel 90 miles north to open the season @ Clemson, or 90 miles south to play @GT to end the season?

  • Alright helfrich time to get your ass on a plane and go offer some 320 pound line men some scholarships

  • Isn’t that cute? All those Oregon fans in the picture are showing how many national championships they’ve won. Bless their little delusional hearts…