Emory Sports Marketing Analytics has been ranking college football fan bases for the last week and has been identifying which teams have the most loyal fans.

In the SEC, all 14 teams truly have great fan bases. But anytime anyone ranks fan bases, somebody is first…and somebody has to be last.

The rankings are based on Revenue Premium Brand Equity, which you can read about here. Below is a quick summary.

For the fan analyses, we build a statistical model that predicts team revenues as a function of metrics related to team performance such as winning percentage and bowl participation. We then compare actual revenues to what is predicted based purely on team performance (and other factors such as number of students, capacity, etc).

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Here’s a snippet from Emory.edu on why Georgia ranks ahead of Alabama:

It should be pointed out that this study covers a ten-year period, and that the top four ranked schools in the SEC are also among the top ranked football fan bases in the country. So, what separates Georgia from Alabama? Over the period of our study, both Georgia and Alabama averaged between 9 and 10 wins a season. However, Georgia averaged 12% more in revenues per year than Alabama. Alabama also had a couple of years in the beginning of our sample (2002 & 2004) where the home games were not all filled to capacity. Thus, over the period of our study, when we control for team performance and other institutional factors, the Georgia fan base is just a bit more loyal and devoted.

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Here’s a brief explanation regarding the bottom four:

Vanderbilt is ranked 11th in our study. We would like to point out that the last couple of years have been positive for the Commodores, and although lagged, the revenues for the football program seem to be improving. Ole Miss and Mississippi State are at the bottom of the study of SEC fan bases. During the period of our study, Ole Miss and Mississippi State actually averaged more wins per season than Vanderbilt. However, Ole Miss generated roughly the same amount of revenue as Vandy, and Mississippi State generated 20% less.

Photo Credit: Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports