11 SEC teams projected to go bowling in 2013


Yeah, it’s May, but CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm updated his way-too-early bowl projections for 2013.

Eleven total SEC teams are projected to play in bowl games, including Alabama and Texas A&M in BCS Bowls.

Alabama and Ohio State are projected to square off in the national championship game, and this certainly won’t be the first Bama-Buckeye championship game prediction either. Do you think Urban Meyer just started breathing heavily?

Here are all 11 SEC teams’ projections:

BCS National Championship Game: Alabama vs. Ohio State
Sugar Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Clemson
Capital One Bowl: Florida vs. Michigan
Outback Bowl: Georgia vs. Wisconsin
Cotton Bowl: LSU vs. Oklahoma
BBVA Compass Bowl: Vanderbilt vs. South Florida
Gator Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Michigan State
Chick-fil-A Bowl: South Carolina vs. Virginia Tech
Liberty Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Tulsa
Independence Bowl: Missouri vs. Virginia
Music City Bowl: Arkansas vs. Georgia Tech

All the SEC haters will start to take notice about week eight or nine that not only will there be a clear SEC team in the hunt for a national championship, but there will be two (or six). The winner of Texas A&M-Alabama will be in the driver’s seat, but if the winner runs the table and the loser only drops that game, it could create a REMATCH-type situation in January, something non-SEC fans will pull their hair out over.

The only team I would add would be Auburn. With Gus Malzahn, I think he has the best shot to win right away, more so than Bret Bielema at Arkansas and Butch Jones at Tennessee.

Nine SEC teams went bowling during the 2012 season.

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  • I’d have to take mizzou off this list for sure best I’ve seen anyone place them on the upcoming year is 5-7 and I’d have to agree. I have faith in both Arkansas and auburn to win some games next year and willing to say at least one of the two of them will go bowling. But one dimensional teams don’t go very far in college football and neither show as of now a quality passer. And non SEC related but article related: Pitt is going to the BBVA Compass Bowl AGAIN. We will just label S. Florida as a typo.

    • Mizzou’s traditionally weak (and I mean it is terrible!) non-conference schedule gives them four wins – Murray State, Toledo, Indiana and Arkansas State. That means they only have to win two conference games to make a bowl game. They won two last year, why can’t they do that again? I will admit Mizzou is not good, but they aren’t as bad as you think. They will beat Kentucky (everybody does) and they will get another win or two in there somewhere. Between Vanderbilt and Tennessee they should get one and this is a team that nearly beat Florida in the swamp last year so upsets do happen.

      • This is not a surprising from a novice SEC fan. Believing that Kentucky will lose to Mizzou is somewhat understandable but if I’m putting money on it I say Kentucky wins the game this year, they really have some fire to work with and those players, coaches, and that fan base is ready to put a hurt on someone. There is a little more to Kentucky than meets the eye.
        Thinking that Mizzou will beat Vandy is honestly comical, I really shouldn’t have to explain why. Even though I am very anti Tennessee they have a lot of history at that school and history means you always have talent even when you blow a couple seasons. Butch Jones will be able to make some wins in his first year and I guarantee he’s not going to let Mizzou slip by him. A comparatively weak UT almost beat a moderate MSU last year, in Starkville. I honestly believe MSU was better last year than Mizzou will be this year, and UT will be better than they were last season.
        Mizzou may surprise us all but I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high, strap it up man because year two in the SEC won’t be any easier and Mizzou ain’t no Texas A&M.

  • As much as I hate to agree with a TSUN fan, I too would take Mizzou off of this list. They have all of their “cupcake” teams the first for games of the season, the last of which is a decent AR State team, which could still be decent even after losing Malzahn. I think the SEC grind will destroy them, I’ll be looking for a scenario much like State faced last season, easier early games will mask on the field problems and by the time the last 8 games of the season start I don’t see Mizzou making a grand recovery.
    Also, I only see six teams up there I could count in on bowls for sure. The SEC will have at least 9 teams in bowls again this year, but any of the 14 (other than Kentucky) stand a good chance of making it. With new coaches coming in into mostly historic programs they stand a great chance of putting a hurt on anyone, and with the surplus in quality non-conference games for the more stable middle of the pack teams (i.e., TSUN with Texas and State with OSU) guaranteed wins are being reduced.
    I’m more excited this upcoming season than I usually am to see how the middle of the pack is going to fair.
    Also the Egg Bowl will probably be better than any game in recent history with both programs similarly difficult schedules and one quality non-conference game, even though of course MSU schedule is tougher. GTHTSUN.

    • Butch jones takes Tennessee to a bowl game mark it down. Our players finally have a real coach to play for. One they haven’t seen since the likes of Fulmer in the 90’s and early 00’s.

      • Tennessee is going to surprise alot of people. I expect they will throw the last few rough years in our faces while forgetting the true winning tradition we have. The boys are back in town! Get some!

        • I dont see how you can say how you and others can say Tennessee is going to be better. They have less talent than they did last year, and last year’s team was already almost talentless. Plus, whoever the quarterback is, he is going to be terrible.

      • Yeah this is sort of the way I feel about UT, Arkansas, and Auburn. Each school will believe they are going bowling this year and each school’s optimism is not misplaced. I honestly believe UT has what it takes to be good enough to knock of some opponents that they did not in the last couple years. If Jones can take care of some of the problems that Dooley could not there is no reason they shouldn’t have 6 wins by the end of the season.

  • So according to these predictions, Georgia will win the Easy again and lose to Alabama.

  • So after the Gamecocks beat Clemson for the 5th years in a row they’re rewarded with the Chick-Fil-A and CU goes to the Sugar? Homey don’t play that.

  • I think Mizzou will surprise some folks. But I don’t think Indiana is an easy win–they return more starters than any team in the country and they had a decent offense at the end of last season. I think they’ll win 3-4 in the SEC and should make a bowl. Returning healthy QB, Line, and a bunch of running backs should give them some stability they lacked last year.