5 things that will unite SEC fans in 2013

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The SEC just screams the South, passion, tradition and football all rolled into one. Our food is better than yours, and yes, our girls are hotter than yours.

Of course, we have our own teams and are willing to get fighting mad on Saturdays. But unless your name is Harvey Updyke, SEC fans unite under certain circumstances.

It happened last year with Marcus Lattimore’s injury. The entire SEC united that day when two teams surrounded one player who meant so much to the conference. Opposition was set aside. And college football, not just the SEC, united with Jadeveon Clowney’s Hit. Even Michigan fans marvel at the hit heard ‘round the world. We were all glad for college football that day.

And even though we have the same differences as years’ past and still have the same rivalries, which seem to get more heated every year, here’s why SEC fans will unite in 2013:

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1. National championship

Let’s face it – the national championship is a time when all SEC fans unite. By winning seven in a row, it’s helped grow the fandom into what it is today – diehards who are all SEC or nothing. Aside from Auburn fans, everyone was rooting for Alabama over one of the most hated programs in college football, Notre Dame. The SEC is the only conference in college football to rally around other teams – no other conference has that type of loyalty and fandom.

2. Pity for the Big Ten

Sure, SEC fans hate the Big Ten, but more than hatred, they pity them. The one conference that hoped to compete with the SEC over the last decade has been nothing more than another game. Since 2010, the SEC is 7-2 against the Big Ten in January 1st bowl games. Ohio State still hasn’t beaten an SEC team in a bowl game, thanks in part to Tattoo-gate.

3. ACC/Notre Dame

Unlike the Big Ten, there are more rivalries with the ACC. Carolina-Clemson, Florida-FSU and Georgia-Georgia Tech are three that come to mind. While we still pity the SEC-lite conference, SEC fans hate the rival ACC. And don’t get fans started on Notre Dame either. From Kentucky to Alabama and everywhere in between, SEC fans unite when talking about the Irish.

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4. Urban Meyer & Lane Kiffin

Want to strike a nerve with SEC fans? Talk about Urban Meyer and Lane Kiffin, two former beloved SEC coaches turned targets. Kiffin bolted from Tennessee for his ‘dream job’ and used the Vols as a stepping stone. He’s now grappling with reality of possibly getting canned in 2013. Florida fans can’t stand Meyer after his zombie-like final season and leaving Florida to spend more time with his family only to jump into his dream job just one year removed. Ohio State also turned Florida in to the NCAA for a recruiting violation this year. All other SEC fans can’t stand Meyer because he beat them. With rising heart rates, SEC fans unite when talking about Lane Kiffin and Urban Meyer.

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5. Football Saturdays and Tailgating > Football Sundays

SEC fans care about their college programs, not the NFL. They go to SEC stadiums on Saturdays to tailgate and unite with opposing fan bases because it’s a passion unlike any other. Unless you’re in the heart of Atlanta or a diehard Fantasy Football player, it’s hard to care about the NFL.

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