‘Twas A Month Before Football

The following is an annual tradition. You can read last year’s poem here. Fall practice has begun and it is officially time to get ready for the upcoming season. We hope this little bit of poetry adds to your excitement. SEC! SEC! SEC!

2013 Season Rendition of ‘Twas A Month Before Football

‘Twas a month before football, and all through the South,
Rabid fans everywhere were running their mouth.
Another trophy has come to the place of Coach Nick;
Who’ll make it 8 in a row? You take your pick.

From the top to the bottom, it’s the SEC.
People in Oklahoma are diagnosed with envy,
When you’re the conference on top, others take a shot;
But we’ve had less arrests for players smoking the pot;

So they drive all their attention to a QB from Texas,
His name is Johnny and he makes a few messes;
He’s just having fun, enjoying skittles and booze,
But despite the drama, he’ll make your team lose;

We all are preparing in our own separate ways,
For the boys of the fall and all the tailgates.
It’s football time in Tennessee, so begin your cheer,
Watch out for Spurrier, he thinks this is his year;

He’ll unleash the beast, and into the backfield it comes…
“Jadeveon! What the [blank] have you done?”
That boy from Michigan, he won’t be the last;
Clowney is coming, to even sleds crossing his path.

Look and see the excitement new coaches bring;
Even at Kentucky, they had 50,000 fans in the spring;
Out in the plains, the Gus Bus is back,
And he’s preparing for another offensive attack.

The new coach for the hogs, can anyone pronounce his name?
He’s got his own style, the program won’t be the same.
Other places are changing, just look at Ole Miss,
The nation’s best recruits, had them at the top of their lists.

Down in the Bayou, half the team went to the league,
Mad Hatter speaks of schedules, but something’s up his sleeve;
He’s referencing the Gators, but Will Muschamp don’t care,
That guy is too busy giving referees the stare.

The trip to Atlanta gets harder each season,
But Murray and Gurley and Marshall are the reason,
The Dawgs have the firepower to win it this time,
But Nick Saban’s not intimidated by this little rhyme;

He’s the king of the world but can’t even text,
Instead he talks of millions and asks recruits if they’re next;
The competition is fierce, how long can the reign continue?
It’s coming from everywhere, even Vanderbilt – that’s new!

Bring on FOOTBALL, it’s almost here,
Start the tailgate and be ready to cheer;
This type of excitement is what it’s all about,
Here’s wishing every Saturday was a Saturday Down South!