2013 SEC strength of schedule


Here are the 2013 team schedules ranked in order of difficulty, based on opponents’ 2012 results:


Opp. Win %

Opp. Won-Loss













S. Carolina









Miss State









Texas A&M



Ole Miss









A couple of observations:

  • Kentucky has a brutal schedule, and it could be the toughest schedule of anyone in the country.
  • The three favorites in the SEC – Alabama, Georgia and Texas A&M – have three of the easiest schedules based on last year’s results.  
  • 2013 sets up great for two emerging teams in Ole Miss and Vanderbilt, and they play each other in the first week this year.
  • After seeing what’s coming back for Alabama, and seeing they may have the weakest schedule in the SEC, how could you not have Alabama projected to win the SEC again?

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  • Alabama has the easiest SEC schedule… Mainly because they don’t have to play against Alabama!

  • Last year all anybody heard was how “easy” Georgia’s schedule was…….Now USCe has the “easy” schedule in the East….where’s Spurrier now??

    If USCe can win the East will anyone say it was because of their “easy” schedule??

    • Georgia still has an easier schedule than South Carolina

    • Chris, can’t you read? Georgia’s schedule (10th out of 14) is still ranked easier than Carolina’s (6th hardest). And so long as Vince Dooley is in the SEC office it will stay that way.

      • How is this Vince Dooley’s doing??? UGA plays Clemson on the road non-conference. what is he supposed to do? Schedule Ohio State or Oregon? Give me a break. Dooley doesn’t schedule the SEC games, He put in a top 10 season opener. Tha’ts a lot better than most other SEC squads. I don’t see the “weak” in the UGA sched. maybe Im biased but playing at Clemson, then getting USC and LSU in 3 of the first for games of the year? seems rough to me…Similarly when looking at USC, they play no one from the west (at least none of the big 3)

        This list is scewed, its ranking teams who play 10 win D2 teams ahead of the guys who play 6 win D1 teams because this list is based soley on opponent record not the actual strength of said opponent. Give…me…a….break this list is worthless.

        • so if I play three 9 win D2 team instead of three 6/7 win BCS conf teams, I get the edge? I guess so in this meaningless list.

        • Give you a break? Give me a break. Coming out of the first 4 games UGA starts of at Clemson, Home for USC, then North Texas? come on North Texas then LSU at worst your 2-2. Than Tennessee with no Tyler Bray and the lowly Mizzou Tigers. I mean after the first 4 games the only team UGA has to wrry about is Florida and that’s not till week 10. A schedule that consists of non-conference teams of North Texas Georgia Tech App. State and Clemson and the in conference mostly of the bottom half and rebuilding teams of the SEC looks pretty damn weak

        • I totally agree!

        • So youre telling me that GT, Clemson, and North Texas is way worse than UNC, Clemson, and Coastal Carolina? Because thats what the similarity between UGA and USC is….I go on, UF has the power houses Toledo, Ga Southern, Miami and FSU? LSU has Furman! Kent State and UAB? Again, non-conference schedules throughout the SEC are very similar in terms of joke teams. At UGA has the Kahunas to play a top 10 team to open the season. And again, as bad as it may sound tech did finish second in the ACC Last year haha.

    • Typical illiterate UGA fan, in case you can’t figure it out UGA still has an easier schedule than USC!

      • giving it the eye test…yes UGA has an equally as tough sched as USC….possibly harder with the fact the two teams play the same EAST sched and both face off against Clemson (SC gets them in columbia!)…so the difference? UGA plays LSU and USC plays Arkansas from the west?

        I guess in your eyes the big difference is that USC plays that powerhouse down in orlando?

        UGA sched is tougher. Opponent win/loss is meaningless when they factor in the coastal carolina’s of the world into the list.

      • The only reason Tech finished second in the ACC and even came close to being in the conference championship game is because Miami & North Carolina were on postseason bans. They showed up at that game with a 6-6 record, Tech barely had any offense, and that’s no problem for even an ACC team like FSU, let alone an SEC powerhouse like Georgia.

  • Wait, how is A&M more of a SEC favorite than Florida?

    • Oh I dunno…some guy named Johnny Manziel probably.

      • Dont take me wrong, I get that and am not saying they don’t deserve it. Im just surprised that Gator Nation and its size don’t keep it in the top fan favorites since we have so many passionate non bandwagon fans.

        • True. Florida fans are realistic though about losing so many stars and the lack of a passing game. It will be an interesting year for the Gators, with a tough schedule and so many players lost. The Gators are one year away in my estimation.

    • Beacause they beat Alabama…

  • Jon, the question is how Alabama was given the easier schedule. Seem a little odd that they don’t play any team from the East that is of any quality. Yet a team like LSU gets both UGA & FLA. A little Bama bias coming out the SEC office?

    • Nah. I don’t think there’s any bias. Bama always plays Tennessee and LSU always plays Florida. It just so happens that LSU drew Georgia and Bama drew Kentucky as the other non-divisional opponent in ’13.

    • In actuality, who you get for your cross division games is on a rotation. Go look up schedules from previous years and you’ll see, each team plays a cross division rival and two others on rotation. UGA always plays Auburn. in 2009 we also had Arkansas and LSU. 2010 we kept Arkansas but swapped LSU with MSU. 2011, Arkansas rotates off for Ole Miss and we still play MSU. 2012 was Ole Miss and Missouri (things get hairy because of the new teams). 2013 will feature Missouri and LSU again with Ole Miss rotating.

      It’s random. Some years you get two easier teams, some years you get two tough ones. This also varies, obviously based on swings in ability by the teams you’re playing. Three years ago, no one would have laughed at Auburn on your schedule. Now, no one even considers it hard and won’t until Auburn shows up and kicks someone really hard again.

  • give Bama any schedule you want..they have played pretty much everyone and the latest victim in Notre Dame who was ranked #1 and supposedly the best team in the country..i would love for Bama to play the likes of someone like USC or Ohio State it would be the same outcome in my opinion. good example..Michigan they were suppost to be good at the start of 2012 they found out real quick that SEC good ole fashion smashmouth football is alot different just like Notre dame found out.