2013 Uniforms for each SEC football team

Who’s excited for the 2013 football season?

We’re less than a week from kickoff!

There have been a number of new uniforms released since last year in the Southeastern Conference. We like our tradition down south and don’t go crazy with the fashion show like some of these lesser conferences, but we have some interesting new releases. Here is the latest news on what the teams will be wearing on gameday this season:

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Alabama Uniforms
There has not been an announcement for Alabama’s uniforms. Nick Saban is not a fan of those things. They did upgrade their away uniform to the new Nike Pro Combat Template for the National Championship Game, so it will be interesting to see if the crimson home uniforms are also updated.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Arkansas Uniforms
The Razorbacks have seen some coaching changes over the last few years and with new coaches come new uniforms. John L. Smith had some exciting uniforms last year, but they were thrownout with the bathwater of that season. Bret Bielema brought his own style and here’s the new 2013 Arkansas uniforms.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Auburn Uniforms
Auburn doesn’t like to change their uniforms. They embrace tradition with Under Armour and there’s no uniform news for them, not even with short shorts at practice like they enjoyed under Gene Chizik. Maybe Gus Malzahn will bring Cam Newton back with his new style

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Florida Uniforms
Florida will wear new Nike uniforms for 2013. The major change includes larger, block numbers that match Florida’s new font program wide.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Georgia Uniforms
UGA released a new secondary logo and new Nike uniforms for all their sports this spring. Here are the photos of the new football uniforms. There are no plans to have an alternate uniform this year in addition to those new designs, so that means no black jerseys this fall.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Kentucky Uniforms
The Wildcats allowed a few recruits to reveal new alternate uniforms. Then Mark Stoops said they weren’t going to wear the grey uniforms in 2013, but would bring them out in 2014. We think that was just coach-speak, but they do already have 18 different uniform combinations including a black uniform, so the gray uniforms might not make the cut.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
LSU Uniforms
There’s no sign that LSU will have new football uniforms this year. They have worn a few Nike Pro Combat uniforms, so they could break one out mid-season. The had the quietest uniform release last year when wearing alternate uniforms with long stripes as they walked onto the field in the bowl game, but all LSU fans have tried to forget that day. Have you seen TCU’s new uniforms they’ll wear against LSU opening week?

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Mississippi State Uniforms
Dan Mullen had his team branding updated with their Adidas TechFit uniforms last year. They also had special Egg Bowl and Snow Bowl uniforms that turned a few heads, but didn’t result in either victory. They made a pink jersey prototype that won’t be worn. Then yesterday they released new 2013 Egg Bowl uniforms.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Mizzou Uniforms
They are still proud to wear the SEC logo, as we all are. Their Nike uniforms are some of the highest rated in all of college football. No rumors of new alternate uniforms for this season.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Ole Miss Uniforms
Hugh Freeze has momentum and in this day of college football, that means new uniforms. They revealed a few new Nike designs this spring and the players love them.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
South Carolina Uniforms
The Gamecocks are competing for a National Championship this year and I think we’ll see another special uniform release for a game later this year. They have teased chrome helmets and usually do something for the Wounded Warrior Project. They got a lot of good feedback a couple weeks ago when they released new Under Armour uniforms.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Tennessee Uniforms
Butch Jones made a big splash with the 2013 Vols uniforms with the new adidas stretch marks. They received a lot of national attention for the groundbreaking Smokey Gray uniforms.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Texas A&M Uniforms
The Aggies turned some heads last year in their first SEC season and they looked good doing it in solid whites and their other Adidas TechFit uniforms. They released their black uniforms in the middle of the season, so they might have another alternate coming out this year.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Vanderbilt Uniforms
James Franklin has built some excitement around the Vanderbilt program and they revealed fresh Nike uniforms last year. There’s no rumors of new uniforms for 2013, but I wouldn’t put it past him…