Six from SEC on post-spring Heisman watch list


Reigning Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel has to be the favorite in the SEC exiting spring. But the one thing we’ve learned is that repeat winners maybe shouldn’t be the favorite, knowing Archie Griffin is the only two-time Heisman winner in the history of the award.

However, Johnny Manziel could make history yet again. Regardless of whether or not he accomplishes this mighty feat, it will sure be fun watching him try week after week.

Heisman Pundit posted a post-spring watch list, and six players from the SEC made it on the list.

Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina
Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia
Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M
AJ McCarron, QB, Alabama
Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia
TJ Yeldon, RB, Alabama

On the heels of Manti Te’o’s traction for the award – legitimate or not, it paved the way for Clowney to make a legit run.

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  • Clowney is the best NFL prospect…but I don’t think he wins the Heisman. Murray’s coming back for two reasons: beating Scar, and winning the SEC title. But he’s gonna take home that Heisman Trophy in the process. This offseason Murray sharpened his game while Johnny and AJ were working their TMZ fame. I would be surprised if this doesn’t show up on Saturdays this fall.

    • As a Dawg fan myself, I would love to see Murray take it, but I’m not sure I see it happening. I don’t think Clowney will win purely because history tells us a defensive player won’t, but he’ll still be a freak. I’m with you on Manziel though. He’s incredibly talented but it’s definitely going to his head these last few months. His Heisman campaign hinges upon whether or not he can handle the pressure and the hype of being a returning Heisman trophy winner with the highest hopes in A&M history.

  • Only way Murray wins the Heisman is if the Dawgs are in the NC….

    • I agree with Chris. The media (the real voters in the Heisman), already has Murray pinned as a QB who cannot handle big games. He will fight an uphill battle, if he wants to win, regardless of stats/records. I think from the UGA camp, the biggest prospect for a Heisman is Todd Gurley. if he rushes for more than last season, he should be in NY with a legitimate shot.

      • I tend to think Murray has a better shot because of Gurley splitting time with Marshall…but it definately depends on how he plays vs Clemson/Scar/LSU because he won’t be able to recover from a slow start

        • Also: I have a feeling Keith Marshall will have a breakout year. You can bet he and TG3 are super competitive and that bodes well for UGA

  • For the most part the Heisman goes to offensive players which is a shame because there are so many defensive guys that deserve serious credit for helping their team win not only important games but championships. I know the day will come when the Heisman will be split between the two but it can’t come soon enough. I’m tired of it being a QB award when guys like Clowney, Jarvis Jones, Moreno, and Lacey all need to be considered. Aaron has an uphill battle but if he can get over his fear of Clowney and perform like pre-season reports say he will… he has a shot. A shot.

    • I don’t think he has a fear of Clowney…it’s just we haven’t been able to block him. Murray doesn’t show any fear at all on the field which sometimes is his downfall. But that’s the kinda guy I want too.