Ranking the most ‘volatile’ fan bases in the SEC

A study conducted by Emory Sports Marketing set out to decide which team in the SEC has the most volatile fans, meaning which fan bases ‘live & die’ by their team’s performance on the field.

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Emory studied the entire 2012 season and the first five weeks of the 2013 season, and after each game, reactions were collected via tweets from every SEC town for one, two or three days after the game. They measured volatility by analyzing the difference of a fan base’s ‘high’ after a win and a ‘low’ after a loss.

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You can read all the details of the entire study here.

Here’s a snippet:

Thus after each game, we were able to calculate the sentiment of the fan base. We determined on average how positive a fan base was after a win, and how negative they were after a loss. To understand the “volatility” of a fan base, we looked at the delta between the average sentiment after a win and the average sentiment after a loss. In other words, how big is the difference in a fan base’s “high” after a win and “low” after a loss. We believe that this metric best captures “living & dying” by the performance of your team. After computing this metric for each fan base, we determined that LSU has the most “volatile” fans in the SEC.

As stated, it was determined that LSU has the most volatile fan base with a score of 30.8, followed by Ole Miss and Georgia.

Here are the results:


The study drew some interesting conclusions:

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Photo Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-US PRESSWIRE