TCU hopes its cute, new uniforms will make LSU “fear the frog”

The TCU v LSU game must be super important, because TCU is breaking out some special unis courtesy of Nike in which the Horned Frogs will don black uniforms will purple and red accents. Of course you can’t have a uniform reveal without the secret decoder gloves that reveal a hidden message when you put your hands just right. Do you have uniform fatigue? No worries, the season is mere days away.

If you love uniforms, be sure to check out the 2013 uniform preview for all SEC teams.

If you’d like to see what TCU will be sporting against LSU come next Saturday night, the images are below. Maybe LSU will unveil new uniforms this week like these former unis.

tcu1 tcu2 tcu3 tcu4 tcu5 tcu6 tcu7 tcu8 tcu9

Source: Nike