Texas A&M wasting no time on Kyle Field expansion reconstruction


Texas A&M’s last home game was Saturday against Mississippi State, and the Aggies wasted no time in getting started on the $450 million reconstruction expansion. It’s already underway. In fact, it started just hours after the game.

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The Aggies are set to expand Kyle Field to 102,500 capacity, which will be complete in August 2015, making it the largest SEC football stadium. You can read more about it here.

The plan is to knock down the whole lower deck, but everything in the upper two decks will stay. The grass was removed Saturday night and purchased by fans for $20 and pallets for $400.

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Here’s a look today at what has been completed since Saturday night:

kyle-field-construction copy

[H/T @SEC_Logo]



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  • This is not totally correct. On the East side of the stadium (shown in this photo), it is true that the two upper decks will remain..however, there will be a row of suites built under the second deck (along with the all-new lower deck), a new press-box will be built above the third deck, and an all-new structure will completely surround the outside of the East side (containing escalators, restrooms, and concessions. The open South endzone will be enclosed. All of this will be completed for the 2014 season. The entire West side will be torn down, and rebuilt, in time for 2015.

  • …and when Manziel and Sumlin leave they will be at 7-5 the next year and they will fill at least HALF of those 102,000 seats.

    • I give you only a 3 on that troll. Sumlin goes nowhere and the only SEC school in Texas has the #1 QB in the country coming next year (Kyle Allen). The Aggies are going to be an elite force in the SEC for a long time. But thanks for playing.

    • CockyMike..You are probably a fan of a Big 12-2 school like Baylor, TCU, Tech, etc.. If so, you are probably proud of a crowd of 50,000. A&M has averaged 75-85,000 in each of the last 10 years..and that was before the total student enrollment reached 55,000+. All of the 102,000+ seats have been “sold”. All of the 200+ suites, some of them costing in excess of $15 million, have been sold. There may not be 102,000 people at every game, but attendance is based on “seats sold”, not “butts in seats”. Kevin Sumlin is not going anywhere. He has made a commitment to A&M, and the recruits that he has been signing. I believe that he will honor those commitments, and stay at A&M for at least 3-5 more years.