Texas A&M throttles Oklahoma in the Johnny Cotton Bowl


Take a breath.

Did we just witness the best team in the country brutally pound Oklahoma in the dirt tonight 41-13? If the Aggies aren’t the best team, they’re definitely the hottest team. Who would beat them in an eight-team playoff? Besides Oregon, name a hotter team in the country that would give TAMU a run for their money? This Aggies’ team would beat Notre Dame by double digits, minimum. They’re so balanced and so good.

The straw that stirs their cup and the lifeblood of Kevin Sumlin’s electric offense is Heisman winner Johnny Manziel. And if you thought Manziel would come in tired from all his off-the-field duties, like hugging Megan Fox and visiting Jay Leno, think again. He was his normal slippery self, out-juking, out-running and punishing the Sooners’ defense for their over pursuit. They didn’t believe just how fast he really is.

Texas A&M became the first team to pass 7,000 total offensive yards in a season. No team has ever done that in this conference against great defenses. Manziel also surpassed 5,000 yards of total offense – as a freshman.

The Coach: To think that Kevin Sumlin was at Houston just last season and now dominating with the Aggies is head spinning. Texas A&M is the new Oregon, and now if Chip Kelly has any success in the NFL, how long will it be before they start calling Kevin Sumlin? Sumlin led his team to victories seven times all away from College Station. That’s amazing.

Johnny Terrific:  Manziel finished 22 of 34 for 287 yards and two touchdowns, while rushing for 229 yards and two touchdowns.  That’s 516 total yards and four touchdowns for you math majors.  This kid can’t get any better, can he?  Now, it’s time to be Johnny Offseason and stay out of trouble.  Check out all his Oklahoma highlights here.

Don’t forget about the defense: The biggest worry entering tonight was how the Aggies’ secondary would hold up against Oklahoma’s passing attack. I wasn’t worried about Manziel or the offense, but it was the secondary and their ability to get stops. They did just that. Landry Jones finished 35 for 48 for 278 yards and one touchdown and one interception. Jones completed 73 percent of his passes, but the explosive plays were non-existent, and the corners tackled so well in space. Oklahoma only scored one touchdown and only managed three trips into the red zone. The defense pitched a shutout in the second half.

Where do they start? This biggest question is not where Texas A&M will finish in the polls, it’s where they will start. The Aggies will at worst be in the top five preseason next year, depending on how many offensive linemen leave. Both junior tackles Luke Joeckel and Jake Matthews could return for their senior season because both have younger brothers on the team. Not to mention they could be on a mission to win a national championship with Manziel at the helm. All the pieces to the puzzle are there on offense, but how the defense will cope with the losses of at least eight starters will be a totally different thing. But it doesn’t matter if the Aggies keep putting up crooked numbers.  If both tackles return, TAMU is a top three team.

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  • Unbelievable 2nd half. Just left the game. Not sure it was audible on TV, but there was a good SEC chant going on. Gig em!!

  • i believe i was the first to start calling him johnny cotton bowl. check my tweets @_Marquette_ WPS

  • Outstanding game, Aggies! Roll Tide and Gig’em!

    Btw: you could hear the SEC chant for a second but it seemed like Fox moved the mics so that all you could hear was random yelling. SEC fatigue, I guess. Lol

  • I’m calling it now, Texas A&M gets BCS or Sugar Bowl next year. As a South Carolina alumnus I am frightened about them becoming our cross division rival.

  • Awesome season for Johnny and the Aggies…but you’ll hafta excuse me if I don’t include myself in all the “Johnny Nicknaming” and acting like this guy is a football god just yet. As the article touched on the Defense played just as big a role in both the Oklahoma and the Alabama games. People seem to forget that a McCarron INT on the goal line is what cost them the game. Not takin anything from Manzeil as He is an exciting player and deserving of accolade but when I hear “Johnny Cotton Bowl” or “insert next Johnny-bad nickname here” I can’t help but roll my eyes. Not sure if he can too this season or if the Aggies can continue this success but I know that I am not looking forward to the next 3 years of hearing the Mickey Mouse Club (ESPN) and fans come up with these cheesy nicknames. Rant over haha