Georgia’s third-string tight end Ty Flournoy-Smith was arrested Friday night and charged with reporting a false crime.

The rising sophomore filed a police report this week with UGA claiming that his textbooks were stolen. UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson launched an investigation and quickly determined that Flournoy-Smith’s books were not in fact stolen, and that he had already cashed his books in himself at a local buy-back store, via the Athens Banner-Herald. Busted.

“He went through this whole story of his books being stolen,” Williamson said. “We started looking into it and it was determined that the books were not stolen. He had taken his own books down to a local book buying company and sold them back to them.”

Flournoy-Smith was contacted by the police, who told him about a warrant for his arrest and that he needed to turn himself in. Police Chief Williamson notified a UGA “senior athletics administrator” who then notified Mark Richt.

“Once it was determined the books had never been stolen, that he had actually sold them for money for himself, that’s when we took out a warrant for filing a false police report,” Williamson said.

Flournoy-Smith was booked into the Athens-Clarke county jail at 10:56 PM on Friday and was released on $1,000 bond.

The crime is considered a misdemeanor.

Flournoy-Smith tweeted later, “You live, and you learn.”

Photo Credit: Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports