Photos: Vanderbilt enters Arms Race, unveils sweet new indoor practice facility


Vanderbilt unveiled their new $31 million indoor practice facility. Football is only part of it, as it’s a multi-purpose indoor complex fit for track, too. The facility will hold its first meet on December 3rd.

The practice field is full length and made from the same turf on the game field.

Here’s a video and photos, via The Tennessean.

Video may not work on mobile devices. You can watch the video here or see the photos below.








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  • Polish that turd all you want……Vandy still sucks – always have and probably always will.

    • But…you threw in a ‘probably’ at the end. Honest question – are the Dores the best team in the state?

      • Last year? Yes. This year? Have to wait until next weekend, but I don’t believe so. South Carolina handled Vandy pretty easily for most of that game and Tennessee beat them.

        In the future? Look at the recruiting classes and the dominance of the state of Tennessee in recruiting this year by the Vols. Vandy won’t be good for long.

        Frankly, Franklin (see what I did there?) will be gone for a better job pretty soon I believe. The ceiling at Vandy is lower than any other SEC job.

        • Vandy also beat UGA who played UT close and won, and Florida who easily handled UT. Franklin has proven that you can take a job at Vandy and win.

    • 41 – 18. Nuff said…

  • Go ‘Dores. I take this as a sign that Vandy has confidence that James Franklin is the answer and that can continue to bring about the resurgence of the program.

    • Resurgence? That implies that at some point in their past they were good. ZERO conference championships in 80 years of SEC play, ZERO divisional titles, a total of SIX bowl appearances, and SIX winning seasons in the last 50 years…….I could go on but I think we all get the point. Franklin appears to be a good coach, but I agree that he’s out of Nashville the second a better job is offered. And to answer your question Jon, it’s painful to admit that over the last 5 years it’s a valid argument to say that Vandy is the better team in TN. But there is a tradition of winning in Knoxville, a bunch of hardware, we still dominate the series (Vandy would have to win every game between now and 2057 to make it even), and we’re finally gaining lost ground in-sate recruiting. Are they the best team in TN?….I’ll listen to arguments. Are they the best program?…..Not by a long shot.

      • Yes, resurgence. Check the UT-VU history, the Dores enjoyed several decades of dominance before the Vols took the lead. The program under Franklin is trying to make up for lost time.

        • Exactly. Vanderbilt, Alabama, and Minnesota were the early college football powers. Tennessee fans have no respect for any other schools. Take your Gamecocks for example. Before Spurrier, they had some tough times. He came in, changed the mentality of South Carolina, and began to win. ANYONE who has a strong winning mentality can turn a program around. Tennessee fans cannot accept failure. They make fun of everyone else instead of being proud of the wins they do get and supporting their team. They’re idiots.

  • Kudos to James Franklin and a job well done! Vol fans should be ashamed for hatin on the Dores for upgrading. Just compare the winning traditions. Franklin is tryin to pick the program up off the mat.