What Happened To You On Saturday: Week 6

The #1 Monday morning recap article for SEC Fans… Pulling no punches as we recap a weekend of SEC football action…

Georgia’s Season Nearly Burnt Orange

For a few hours on Saturday, Rocky Top was alive again before quietly fading back into hibernation.  Butch Jones and the Vols gave their 102,000 plus fans something to get excited about as they took Georgia to overtime before ultimately fumbling away their chance at the massive upset.  The team showed grit, which shouldn’t be surprising: Butch Jones oozes grit.  Just standing beside him results in more grit than you probably ever wanted.  Despite an early 14-point deficit the Vols kept scrapping and probably should have won the game.  It’s unfortunate that it was Pig Howard who fumbled at the goal line because it overshadowed what was, to that point, his coming out party. Let’s see if Tennessee fans can maintain optimism because they likely won’t get another chance at a win until mid-November.

Alright, what does this mean for Georgia?  They just eked out an OT win against a rebuilding Tennessee team that Florida controlled and Oregon annihilated. The Baby Backs are in tatters with Todd Gurley dinged up and Keith Marshall done for the season.  Justin Scott-Wesley is gone for the year and Michael Bennett is a wait and see. Safeties Tray Matthews and Connor Norman are missing from an average-at-best defense that often looks clueless.  Fortunately, they have Aaron Murray playing the best football of his storied career.  That alone is good enough to beat a lot of teams in the SEC.  But it might not be enough to beat Missouri next week at home.  What appeared to be a clear path to the SEC Championship game a week ago suddenly seems a hell of a lot harder.

That’s so Georgia.

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Yeah, I Said Missouri

Yeah, they are in the SEC.  They were here all of last season, too, apparently.  Crazy, right?  Mizzou collected the best win of their young SEC lives against Vanderbilt on Saturday, surpassing last season’s OT win over 5-7 Tennessee for that honor.

Missouri’s offense looked great prior to the Vanderbilt game while playing the cupcake-iest of cupcake schedules so nobody paid them any mind.  But as they showed in their 51-28 victory against Vandy, it’s time for the rest of the SEC to start paying attention.  Quarterback James Franklin threw for four touchdowns and also looked dangerous running the ball.  He showed flashes of this last season, but like Connor Shaw, he couldn’t seem to stay healthy.  He’s healthy now, which is something next week’s opponent, Georgia, is not.  This game is suddenly must-watch.

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Brighter Future: Auburn or Ole Miss?

Going into this game most, including the three other guys on the SEC Report Podcast, would have said Ole Miss had the brighter future.  After watching Quarterback Nick Marshall run wild against Ole Miss it would be hard to still argue that. Auburn likely won’t contend for the SEC West but they could really mess some shit up for Texas A&M, Georgia or Alabama, which is usually more gratifying than actually winning titles.

As for Ole Miss, you better lock it up!  There is a lot of time in which you can turn a promising season into a total disaster.  Programs on the rise are not typically known for their four game losing streaks.  Lock it up!

Cool Schedule, Alabama

That is all.

Jadeveon Clowney Knocks the Helmet Off His Own Head?

I get it.  I really do.  The risk potentially out-weights the massive reward that will await a healthy Jadeveon Clowney next April.  He’s not wrong to want to protect that future.  But it’s still a bitch move.

After seeing Georgia struggle to beat Tennessee, it’s pretty clear that South Carolina is still very much in this SEC East race and still has a chance at an SEC title and more.  Jadeveon Clowney is going to be rich regardless, but if he leads South Carolina to an SEC Title he will also be a legend.  There are a lot of rich guys, Jadeveon, there aren’t a lot of legends.  Hell, you are coached by a legend.  Have you seen how Spurrier acts?  In public, nonetheless?  Being a legend is a pretty cool gig, if you can get it.

How Legends eat Arby's

How Legends eat Arby’s

Florida at LSU Will Be Fun

Zach Mettenberger and those sick receivers vs. Florida’s filthy secondary will be A LOT of fun to watch.  I had my concerns that Florida wouldn’t be able to score enough to hang with LSU but somehow their offense is actually much better with Tyler Murphy at quarterback than it was under Jeff Driskel.  It’s crazy how much smoother everything is with Murphy.  That combined with LSU’s surprisingly shaky defense makes for a fascinating match-up.  Two big questions going into this game: Will LSU’s defense show up? How will Tyler Murphy handle Death Valley?

LSU’s offense is great.  Florida defense is great.  It’s a great-off!

Plays That Mattered

I know this happened against some Make-A-Wish Team, but this catch by Alabama’s DeAndrew White was just ridiculous.

Despite carrying all of the State of Georgia on his shoulders, Aaron Murray somehow still manages to effectively throw a football.  This pass to Rantavious Wooten (come on, Mrs. Wooten, you’re better than that) took Georgia to overtime, where they would eventually win.

This is James Franklin, Missouri quarterback.  Not to be confused for the Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin, whose future career plans he’s damaging.

What They Meant to Say

“These guys (Ole Miss) smoked Texas?  I don’t know who this loss looks worse for, Mack Brown or that idiot Bob Stoops?  Tell me again how great the Big 12 is, Bob?  Try bouncing your theories off somebody who isn’t an ass kissing Sooners fan.” – Gus Malzahn, Head Coach, Auburn University

“Instead of reading out the injuries I’m just going to read the names of the guys who haven’t torn their ACL’s.  That should save us all a lot of time.” – Mark Richt, Head Coach, University of Georgia

“Yeah, Clowney said he was sore (Reaches into his pocket, and pulls out his hands in a diamond shape, and puts it over his head, representing the international sign for vagina). – Steve Spurrier, Head Coach, University of South Carolina

“Hey, Jadeveon.  Tennessee is where ACL’s go to die.  Don’t believe me, ask 80% of Georgia.  It might be in your best interests to sit out one more week, brother.” – Butch Jones, Head Coach, Tennessee