Recappin’ National Signing Day with a little attitude. With storylines like these, how can you not love recruiting?

Ole Miss? Really?

Over the past decade you think Ole Miss Football and you think of the song about Coach Orgeron and grass roots effort to make Star Wars character Admiral Ackbar the mascot. That’s about it.

Things are changing in Oxford.  Hugh Freeze led his boys to a winning season that included a bowl win and a victory over in-state rival Mississippi State.  That’s a nice season, but this recruiting class is something special.

Robert Nkemdiche is the No. 1 prospect in the world, Laremy Tunsil is the No. 1 offensive tackle in the country and Laquon Treadwell is the No. 1 wide receiver in the country.  Toss in safety Antonio Conner and OT Austin Golson and you have yourself a top five class in the country and a legitmate foundation to build a program upon.

You know your class is good when every message board on the internet has a thread titled “Ole Mi$$ is Cheating”. I think this is just Ole Miss finally living up to its potential.  For years Ole Miss has been like the pretty girl with the glasses and baggy clothes in a late 90’s romantic comedy, who is lonely until a cool guy like Freddy Prince Jr., or Hugh Freeze in this case, comes and pulls her hair out of a ponytail and buys her some slutty clothes. Poof! The band geek is the prom queen.

Now the pressure is on Freeze to turn recruiting gold into wins on the field.  It’s not as easy as it sounds.  Just ask…

Lane Kiffin (Sigh, Hide Smile, Laugh Out Loud)

First Lane Kiffin led his preseason #1 team in the country to a six loss season; then he dumps all the blame on this father and fires him; then recruits stop falling for his shtick.  That’s a tough season.

Kiffin saw seven commitments bail on the floundering Trojans over the last few months, and raked in zero, I’ll say it again, ZERO, five star recruits (per ESPN).  I’ll remind you, he resides in a market stuffed with more high caliber recruits than it is with silicone.  Sure, the class is top 15ish but Kiffin’s and USC’s classes are typically 1ish.  I guess years of underachieving and dickish behavior eventually catch-up to everyone.

Will Layla be the next deserter?

“Hot New SMU Recruit”

This afternoon I got an email from my buddy Rush, an SMU grad, bragging about a No. 11 ranked recruit choosing SMU.  Sadly, he’s not the No. 11 ranked football player, but instead a No. 11 ranked male model.

Yeah, apparently, they rank male models.

Myles Crosby, so hot right now, is a 2-star safety on the field and a 5-star Male Model off the field.  As a 17 year old, Crosby has already booked lucrative gigs with Calvin Klein and GQ but decided he’d rather troll the secondary for a 7-6 team that hasn’t mattered since the early 80’s than troll the runways of Paris and hangout with this chick.

The biggest debate on National Signing Day is did Myles Crosby make the right decision?  The answer is yes.  Male modeling sucks, trust me.  Prancing around in bikini briefs with mature looking 15 year old girls is overrated.  Is he turning down a few big years of earning?  Sure, but he’s going to SMU, a school that exists solely as a place daughters of oil billionaires can go to meet a husband.  I have a feeling that the safety that looks like Jay Gatsby will be in demand.  What’s male modeling money compared to Husband of an Oil Heiress money?

Ole Myles, the male model football player will be just fine, folks.  He makes Lance Harbor look like Ben Roethlisberger.  He should just get it over with and mate with A.J. McCarron’s hot girlfriend whose name I’ve already forgotten.

Texas A&M Owns Texas

One school has a Freshman Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, a badass young coach, and plays in the best conference in college football.  The other team, well… they used to be good… and relevant, with a coach who used to be good… and relevant.  Guess which team had the better class?

The biggest benefit of having a freshman Heisman Trophy winning quarterback apparently is people want to play football with him, especially pass catchers.  Texas A&M is going to be good for a while.