With spring football a month away, let’s take a gander at the SEC’s strength of schedule for 2014. Obviously, this is how the NCAA would determine a team’s strength of schedule.

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The opponents’ win percentage is calculated by adding up the total wins and losses for the 12 teams on the schedule, and I added an additional column to show the non-conference opponents’ win-loss record, too.

Here’s a look:

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TeamOpp. Win %Opp. Won-LossNon-Con Opp.
Arkansas0.656103-54.510 (26-25)
Tennessee0.652101-54.692 (36-16)
Texas A&M0.645100-55.520 (26-24)
Kentucky0.64198-55.640 (32-18)
South Carolina0.61996-59.673 (35-17)
Auburn0.60493-61.520 (26-24)
Georgia0.60192-61.667 (34-17)
Ole Miss0.58689-63.469 (23-26)
Florida0.56987-66.380 (19-31)
Missouri0.55684-67.647 (33-18)
LSU0.53682-71.510 (26-25)
Mississippi State0.53080-71.333 (16-32)
Vanderbilt0.51778-73.429 (21-28)
Alabama0.47371-79.271 (13-35)

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Few notes:

  • Arkansas again has one of the country’s toughest schedules (it may be the toughest), while Tennessee is right behind them.
  • The Vols have the toughest non-conference schedule with Utah State, Arkansas State, Oklahoma and Chattanooga. Outside of Chattanooga, is there a win you can circle in the first three?
  • Alabama is the only team in the conference to have less than .500 opponents’ winning percentage. That’s two years in a row (see last year’s here) the Tide are the only team in the SEC to play opponents with a sub .500 win percentage prior to the start of the season.
  • On paper, Florida’s schedule doesn’t look tough, but the Gators play both Alabama and LSU in 2014, along with the rest of the SEC schedule and non-conference defending national champions, Florida State.

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