ACC wants more games against SEC teams


The ACC is discussing the possibility of a future nine-game league schedule, but the conference also has another idea of a model that would pit more SEC-ACC rivalries, according to ESPN.

The new model idea is being called the “8+1 model”, where ACC teams would play eight league games and one SEC team every year. ESPN reports an SEC source said it’s a very premature concept that’s a long way away from happening, if at all.

SEC commissioner Mike Slive told ESPN through a spokesperson the league is trying to develop a scheduling format for the 2016 season and beyond.

“The objective of this review is to develop a scheduling format for the 2016 season and beyond, which will be in the best long term interests of the conference. Achieving that objective involves exploring as many options as possible which we are currently doing. Anything more is pure speculation.”

The ACC’s “8+1 model” will likely never come about completely. Although four SEC-ACC annual rivalries do occur in the final week of the regular season in Florida-FSU, Georgia-Georgia Tech, South Carolina-Clemson and Kentucky-Louisville, there’s no way the SEC would give up its rivalry weekend completely, especially the Iron Bowl. One SEC source told ESPN there could be a scenario where SEC teams who are struggling finding another BCS opponent would be matched with an ACC team, and the source also said the SEC is looking to schedule more regular season Big 12 opponents, too.

The SEC, like the ACC, has been debating on whether or not to move to a nine-game league schedule, and several have pointed out that should happen. There has been no long-term commitment on any format beyond 2015.

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The SEC’s annual spring meetings are just around the corner, where this may be a discussion point. It’s fairly obvious the ACC is trying to figure out a way to increase its strength of schedule in the College Football Playoff era, and what better way to do that than every ACC team play an SEC team during the season?

The SEC finished 7-4 (.636) against ACC teams in 2013.

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  • Isn’t Notre Dame starting to play 5 ACC teams a year this year? If the SEC could wrangle a Notre Dame game once a year for an SEC school that would be interesting. I don’t see anyway ND goes for it however. They would have to drop a Service school or another Directional school to make it happen. I see a 9 game SEC schedule in the future. Preserves traditional rivalry games and adds to strength of schedule for the upcoming College Football Championship format. Plus the SEC has nothing to gain by playing more ACC teams.

    • I like the schedule like it is already, it’s not like the SEC has a strength of schedule problem. Going to a 9 game SEC schedule could only hurt the SEC. I would like to see more SEC teams play other teams from the big time conferences.

    • Although I’d also love to see a Notre Dame/SEC game every year, I can’t see them agreeing to that.

  • The ACC thinks they can compete with the SEC obviously because of what just happened with FSWHO winning the BCS against Auburn. Now lets just think back to: after Scam left Auburn, within 2 years the HC was fired because Scam was the team. Although, Auburn is doing well now because of their HC. Let’s see what Texas A&M does without Manziel, I think not so great. I have great respect for Jimbo, but let’s see what happens after Winston leaves. Year after year, the ACC can NOT compete with the SEC, as could any other conference.