AJ McCarron: “I feel like I’ve been disrespected my whole college career because I won”


Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron doesn’t carry a chip on his shoulder. He has a massive boulder sitting up there.

The former Tide signal caller is one of the most successful quarterbacks in college football history, and he could go down as Alabama’s best quarterback in its storied program, winning two championships and losing only four games in three seasons.

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McCarron is largely projected as the fifth best quarterback in this year’s draft behind Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles and Derek Carr, and he likely won’t make it past the second day of the draft.

He spoke for the first time today at the NFL Combine, and the chip on his shoulder hasn’t gotten any smaller.

“All the experts try to knock me on the deep ball, trying to say my arm’s not strong,” McCarron said. “My arm’s strong enough. I can throw the ball 65 yards.”

“I feel like I’ve been disrespected my whole college career because I won. And that’s usually the knock on me is deep ball and that we won, and I won behind NFL talent, which is crazy because when you get to the NFL you’re playing with NFL talent. It’s not like we didn’t play anybody. We played in the SEC—to me the best conference in college football.”

McCarron finished second in the Heisman race this past season, and he won the Maxwell Award, given annually to the national college football player of the year. He beat out both Johnny Manziel and Jameis Winston for the award.

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McCarron skipped the Senior Bowl, which would have given him an additional opportunity to throw for scouts, but he will throw with the quarterbacks on Sunday at the combine. There are legitimate questions about his arm strength, and he’s admitted to having arm fatigue last season.

This week is crucial for McCarron.

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  • I know McCarron was a good player, but honestly, who thinks the Tide wins as many games with less talent around him? I think he can be good in the NFL, but it will have to be the right situation. There are few QBs that can transcend with a terrible roster around him. McCarron isn’t one of them.

  • I think McCarron has been disrespected because he’s played in Alabama on a loaded squad and they’ve been so good. No one disrespected him because he won.

  • This is what’s wrong with the public vs media interaction. First the media only wants to talk about a fictional title where one player is the #1 quarterback and worse … the #1 football player in the NCAA each year. The media isn’t skilled enough to write a story to discuss what different quarterbacks do uniquely well. Then Second, the public buys it. Even the players feel disrespected if they don’t win the Heisman. Look AJ McSpoiledkid. you were a great college quarterback, and you played on one of the best football teams in the history of the NCAA, and your face was all over the television every weekend. So how does anybody get “disrespected” out of that. I can tell you for sure that hundreds of less respected quarterbacks than AJ McCarron have played in the NFL.

  • I’m a huge Tide fan. I don’t like AJ McCarron because he crumbles under pressure. If he THINKS there will be a pass rush he gets happy feet. As long as he feels protected and can just sit in the pocket, he does well. But if he has to throw under pressure, it might as well be me in the pocket!

  • I’m deliriously happy about the prospect now of a new QB at ‘Bama (and anywhere else) who will know that “disrespect” is not a verb. And if the next one just refrained from using the word at all, then even better! And if less of the total future conversation by the next one (again, any of them) is about “what the conversation is” ABOUT him, then better still! But I’m probably getting greedy here! Even just the verb thing will make me plenty happy.

  • but he never faced Clowney and for that reason he hasnt faced elite competition