Alabama players react to Oklahoma loss on Twitter


Alabama players responded to losing to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl on Twitter:

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EDIT: Tweets from a fake Amari Cooper account were removed

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Photo Credit: Eileen Blass-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Jon, that is not Amari Cooper’s twitter account. That is a spam account. Amari Cooper is @AmariCooper9

  • Amari Cooper’s twitter is @AmariCooper9 and his name is R.I.P Freddy G. The twitter you put up there is a fake. That is some shoddy journalism right there.

  • Roll Tide, guys.
    You cannot win them all.

  • All positive responses. Class act program Saban has going on up there. Proud to live in this state

  • Well, I think Alabama recruits got a good dose of reality with all their yapping about going to Alabama to automatically win National Championships. It was never a realistic possibility and now that Bama lost 2 games in a row, they look like any other college football team. So, if any Alabama recruits would like to flip to LSU, where they have an equal chance of winning a National Championship, we’ll welcome them with open arms.

    • Only way I pick LSU over Bama is if I don’t want to go to the NFL or I’m scared of not getting enough playing time. That being said, I’d still pick AU over Bama any day!

    P.S: We’re SO over Saban! You can keep him. Integrity is an action, not words. It’s something that’s witnessed over time, especially when challenged. Loyal LSU fans were able to witness Saban’s lack of such a character trait. Unfortunately for loyal Bama fans, they too will eventually experience that same kind of sucker punch.
    By the way, it’s NOT what Saban did; it’s HOW he did it – with masterful deception, looking out for HIMSELF without regard for how his actions would be affecting all of those “young lives” he speaks of. He told us one thing and deliberately did another. Just ask him . . . oh, that’s right, he won’t tell you the truth!

    • Yeah it doesn’t at all seem like you are SO over Saban. Or else you wouldn’t have posted all this same whining stuff that we hear every day. For years it has been “Oh just wait until he leaves y’all for this school or team!”, and we’re still waiting.

      • It’s just an opinion which everyone is entitled to have, on a comment blog.
        And, my comment was respectful of the Bama team.
        But, if you’re right about this, then that makes you a “whining” poor sport.

        • Jweab has a point…your still whining. And where does his poor sport come in at? LSU can worry about their felony cases and we will worry about Saban if or when he leaves.

    • Jeremy Hill and Zach Mettenberger, the faces of LSU integrity.