One hundred and forty-five days remain until the 2014 college football season arrives that will usher in the new College Football Playoff, and many details still have to be worked out.

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The 13-member selection committee met Wednesday and Thursday in Grapevine, Texas, with an agenda. The committee came up with their own recommendations for the upcoming season, including how often the rankings will be released and the recusal policy. These items will be submitted to the College Football Playoff management committee, consisting of 10 conference commissioners and Notre Dame’s athletic director, which will meet later this month to approve them.

The recusal policy determines which committee members can participate in team discussions, which includes ties to a particular university or not, etc. It is believed to be similar to the way the NCAA men’s basketball teams are chosen for the tournament.

Committee chairman (and Arkansas’ AD) Jeff Long met with the media, and he didn’t allow much information on the recusal policy, but he confirmed the committee is considering various voting methods, along with determining which data they will use to help them rank the teams accurately. Again, the details are coming along…slowly.

The selection committee isn’t expected to meet again until August.

Here are details we do know:

  • The committee will rank the top 25 teams, but they won’t be transparent. We will not know first-place votes or the total number of points like the AP makes available now.
  • The data will be evaluated individually before the committee comes together to make a collective decision.
  • The first poll will be released sometime during the middle of the season, much like the initial BCS rankings.
  • It is not known the frequency of the top 25 rankings after the initial rankings are released.

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports