Comcast, SEC Network expected to reach agreement in ‘near future’

The SEC Network is close to reaching an agreement with the nation’s largest cable company.

According to FoxSports, Comcast and the SEC Network are close to reaching an agreement. Comcast spokesman John Demming told FoxSports the two sides are working out the final details and expect to come to an agreement in the near future.

Assuming the plans do follow through, Comcast subscribers can rest easy knowing they’ll have the new network. Still, DirecTV and Time Warner have not reached an agreement to carry the network yet, but we suspect they will before the August 14 launch.

Comcast would join Dish Network, AT&T UVerse and Google Chrome as providers that have agreed to carry the SEC Network. The addition of Comcast would bring approximately 22 million subscribers to the network, compared to 14 million of Dish Network.