Updated: Former Alabama running back arrested on multiple charges


Alabama running back Dee Hart was arrested on multiple charges Sunday by the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, according to TuscaloosaNews.com. He was charged with giving false information and possession of marijuana.

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The report says Hart was booked into jail on Sunday night at 9:20 p.m. and released on $1,300 bond at 10:33 p.m. Hart is the second Alabama player to be arrested this year, as five-star early enrollee Tony Brown was arrested in January.

The rising junior rushed for just 78 yards and one touchdown in 2013, and he has 166 yards rushing and 43 carries in two seasons.

Update 1:13 PM ET: Alabama tells AL.com that Dee Hart hasn’t been a part of the football program since the Sugar Bowl. If Hart isn’t part of the football team, Alabama should have announced it immediately after he left the program.

Update 2:00 PM ET: Another AL.com report shows the Tuscaloosa Police Department was investigating reports of the use of counterfeit money at a gas station when they arrested Dee Hart.



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  • Bama RB Kamara was arrested this week as well for driving with a suspended license and a few other things in Atlanta. Good thing the Tide have depth at RB….

    • I’m not a Bama fan but your comment is uncalled for and every team has these same problems including Georgia. You know what they say about glass houses. In fact, he may be guilty but I would let the details come out before I started the pep rally.

      • On second thought, I may have jumped the gun on the uncalled for part. However, I stand by the rest of the statement. It just seems that everyone piles on before the details come out. Just ask auburn fans. However, you may know more details and if so please share them.

      • He said it was a good thing they have depth because two players got in trouble. He did nothing but state the facts.

        • Oh come on! For you to act like he was just being a reporter is being a bit disingenuous. He not commenting here like a reporter as he’s not getting paid to do so. It was a jab at Bama and you know it. He’s a writer for ga and of course you are going to back him up but call it what it is and don’t hide behind the I’m a writer deal.

    • Maybe you need to get up to date with your facts. Kamara left the team in January and just announced that he is going Juco.

  • Lord…

    Can these kids not learn from the mistakes of others before them, or do they all think they’re infallible/invincible? When you play for a big-time school, expect big-time attention, and clean up your act/associations appropriately.
    Even though Bessent was cleared, he shouldn’t have even been in the situation where he could be charged. Guilt by association is a very real thing and it reflects on you and your team. A little bit of forethought and responsibility (maybe education, coaches?) could serve these kids a lot of good.

  • Just so everyone knows, Alvin Kamara transferred to a Juco school! He is, & has not been at Bama for several months! I hate it that Dee got himself in trouble, but the article says, he hasn’t been apart of the program since the sugar bowl! Anyway, ROLL TIDE!!

  • Alvin Kamara transferred to juco school, several months ago! Dee hasn’t been apart of the program since Sugar bowl!! RTR #15

  • Lazy reporting. When you find out the Hart is no longer a part of the Alabama football team you blame the school for not telling you. And your sources are other news outlets. Ever heard of independent confirmation of facts? Sad. And pathetic. And you can quote me on that.

    • Sure looks A LOT better when a team says…OH, he hasn’t been on the team for 2 months. Easy to say that now, huh?

    • Oh..and you can QUOTE him. LMAO

    • Thanks for your generous remarks, Philb. I think Alabama (and other teams) actually will learn a lesson from this and let media outlets know when players leave the team. Did Hart quit the team or did he leave for another reason? We don’t know that. Talk about lazy reporting. Teams absolutely should go ahead and announce when players leave the program…if that’s what happened. It looks bad on anyone’s case to backtrack with a statement.

      • I don’t follow as to why a team needs to release any information about any players coming and going? If they do it should considered a courtesy. Teams should and do absolutely need keep “house business” in the “house”, and not on the street for everyone sit and speculate and talk crap. Contrary to popular belief being a reporter or a fan doesn’t’ give any of us some sort inside entitlement to know whats going on in the field house. The only lesson here is the media shouldn’t get their panties in a wad every time news breaks and they weren’t notified ahead of time.

  • So, Alabama NOW tells everyone that Hart isn’t a part of the team. Saban gotta trim that roster down. #Oversigning

  • “If Hart isn’t part of the football team, Alabama should have announced it immediately after he left the program.” … Why? Is it required that each football team announce when their players quit?

    • Of course they aren’t required, but in all fairness, we don’t even know if he quit. This shows that if a player is no longer on your team, programs should go ahead and announce it at the time it happens. It looks bad to backtrack now, even if it’s true (which it probably is).

  • I think there’s a misunderstanding. I don’t think Hart had fully left the team, and would’ve still had the chance to rejoin the program. As far as I know, he’s still enrolled at the University, and has not yet transferred. Seems to me that Saban had given him some time off (like he did Kenny Bell last year) to make up his mind. This would explain why they had not reported about him leaving. I’m guessing this pretty much made his decision for him, so it really doesn’t matter any more, though.

  • So many SEC kids getting arrested this offseason. This is a BIG problem.

    • A disturbing trend, indeed.

      • Across the whole conference how many has it been this offseason? Like around 10 I’m guessing? And that’s in like 2 months time. It’s very sad that some kids would kill for a chance to go to an SEC school while so many others are blowing it by acting like complete fools.

  • All I was saying is that when a RB like Derrick Henry is your 3rd or 4th string RB…..you’ve got “depth”. Bama has an embarrassment of riches at most positions and if anyone can afford a few losses it’s Bama. It’s a pretty good place to be.

    • If i misunderstood what you were saying and the point you were making its because of the fact that you left a hell of a lot of what you just stated out of your first post. If what you just said is what you really meant then it should have been stated as such the first time around. Basically the first post appeared as a stab at the program since you were bringing up information that quite honestly hasn’t even made the news (the Atlanta issue). Still haven’t heard anything on that issue other than what you said.

  • I read the article twice, it didn’t seem like a jab to me. As far as the “Update 1:13 PM ET: Alabama tells AL.com that Dee Hart hasn’t been a part of the football program since the Sugar Bowl. If Hart isn’t part of the football team, Alabama should have announced it immediately after he left the program.” I don’t think any school owes an explanation or should “have to announce” to any news feed when players come or go. There may be personal reasons why a player would want to keep their anonymity. I say it’s better to get rid of before we even take the field in 2014! As for these guys who can’t control themselves and understand what opportunity they’ve given…well they just aren’t mature enough, and may never be. With that we move onward and forward!

  • I heard he runs with a rough crowd, was he with Saban’s daughter. Snicker, snicker…..