ESPN’s early bowl projections include several SEC teams


A little over a week ago, CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm published his early bowl projections for the 2014 season, with which he had 11 SEC teams going to post-season play, with Alabama playing in the College Football Playoff.

ESPN analysts Brett McMurphy and Mark Schlabach also just released their early bowl projections. McMurphy has 11 SEC teams going bowling, while Schalbach has 10 teams going to postseason play.

Both analysts have Arkansas, Kentucky and Vanderbilt missing a bowl game. McMurphy has Tennessee getting a bowl bid, while Schlabach has the Vols missing a bowl game for the fourth straight season.

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Here’s a look:

Brett McMurphy
College Football Playoff
Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Oklahoma
Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. Oregon

Cotton Bowl: Georgia vs. Baylor
Orange Bowl: South Carolina vs. FSU
Peach Bowl: Auburn vs. Marshall
Gator Bowl: LSU vs. Notre Dame
Outback Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Wisconsin
Capital One Bowl: Florida vs. Iowa
Belk Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Virginia Tech
Texas Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Texas Tech
Liberty Bowl: Tennessee vs. Oklahoma State
Music City Bowl: Missouri vs. Maryland

Mark Schlabach
College Football Playoff
Sugar Bowl: FSU vs. Michigan State
Rose Bowl: Alabama vs. Oregon

Orange Bowl: Auburn vs. Clemson
Peach Bowl: Georgia vs. Baylor
Gator Bowl: Florida vs. Michigan
Outback Bowl: South Carolina vs. Nebraska
Capital One Bowl: LSU vs. Ohio State
Belk Bowl: Missouri vs. Miami
Texas Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma State
Liberty Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech
Music City Bowl: Mississippi State vs. North Carolina

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Auburn vs. Marshall in the Peach Bowl?!! What the heck is this guy smoking?!

  • I guess I just don’t get why everyone is so high on Bama. They will have an unproven QB and a defense that was picked apart by the draft. Then on the other side of the state, you have a QB in his second year, deep running backs, and a defense that didn’t lose a lot, with a lot of experience. I suppose the name is what is getting them the nod. I know it is preseason projections, which are meaningless at best, but I still don’t see it.

    • Auburn’s schedule is tough this year. Even with all of the positives, we have 3 of the toughest road games period – @KState, UGA & BAMA. Playing both of the Mississippi teams in their stadiums will not be an easy task either

    • Bama’s D is young, but it will be one of the most talented they have ever put on the field. Their D-line will be far better than last year and the secondary is loaded with the best players from around the country, and don’t forget that the Reuben Foster era now begins. The offense returns Cooper, Jones, White and OJ Howard as big play receiving options, will have a great O-line and a stable of great backs, and will be led by Coker who may not have had much playing time but is a mature (already graduated), big, athletic guy who will just be asked to manage the game like McCarron.

      • Shut the garbage up…this years defense better than 2011’s ? Doubt it…foster will be a crack head bust

        • You can doubt it all you like, but I said it is the most talented because of all the 5-star recruits making their way to the field. It is, by those standards, going to be the most talented. Also, just because you don’t like a player doesn’t mean you get to proclaim him a bust. I mean you can say it, but it isn’t worth anything.

    • Agreed. Everyone considered them loaded last year. This year they have more question marks than most going into the season. I see a good Bama team, but not great. Having said that, there is no doubt in my mind, that they will be back as strong as ever NEXT season.
      No way the Gamecocks fall to the Outback.

      • Alabama was considered to be loaded offensively last year, but not defensively. Last year was one of the worst in the Saban era in terms of DB talent and D-line talent. This year we have the top two CBs in the country joining the team (do yourself a favor and check out Tony Brown), and for the first time in a while some guys that can actually get to the QB on the D-line. Again, it’s a young defense, but the best talent one could possibly assemble in the country.

  • Not to go off on a rant, but Mississippi State could easily win 10 games this season. We have the best team we’ve had probably in the last decade and we have an extremely favorable schedule. We’re shooting for the stars. Barely making the cut and landing something like a music city bowl would be a major disappointment for everyone I know after all the hype. I guess we’ll just have to gain respect the old fashioned way and earn it on the field.

  • Mizzou will fight fir respect yet again win the east again I have auburn mizzou rematch in Atlanta

  • South Carolina in the Outback Bowl? Are you serious? Mark is killing me. South Carolina will definitely make a better bowl than the OB, mark my words.

  • what non-SEC teams have a chance to be ranked in the final top15 2014? Stanford, Oregon, Ohio State, Michigan State, Florida State, Oklahoma State, Baylor, and that has to be close to all of them. On the other hand SEC programs that have a chance to be ranked in the final top 15: Missouri, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, aTm, Auburn, Alabama, MissSt., LSU. So how does anybody in their right mind predict that these teams will get passed over for bowls that regularly take teams ranked from about 50 to 25. Dream on, it’s not going to happen. The SEC will dominate the top bowls and once again have the best bowl winning record of any conference by a long shot. Eat your heart out partisan sports writers of the Pac, 10, 12, and ACC.

  • If Mississippi State is ever gonna make some noise, this is the year. Dak Prescott/Jameon Lewis combo is as good as there is in SEC imo. On D Chris Jones may be best D lineman in SEC. McKinney at LB is getting mentioned as possible 1st round pick. The offensive scheme will be classic Mullen like with Tebow at Fla. Now saying that they’ll win 6 games….but this is by far best team in StarkVegas…maybe ever?

  • The West is tough, but I don’t think we’re ending up the Liberty Bowl. If we’re playing in that dump in Memphis, then the season took a few wrong turns. Although, Schlabach has never had too many positive things to say about Ole Miss.

  • Once again auburrn is underestimated but if any team is used to it, it’s auburn I mean last year said it all projected to be the worst in the west and took a sec championship. Im almost willing to bet we will be back to the atl again this year

  • I just don’t see Georgia bouncing back on top in the east. I think it’s the Gamecocks to lose and with Missouri having the easiest schedule I think Georgia will finish third in the east and Missouri will have a better bowl than the Music City Bowl.

    • How do you figure? Sure Georgia has a new qb but they still have the best running backs in college football. That will help take the load off the new qb.

      • Best backs in college football? They have some talented dudes, but production-wise you’d be hard-pressed to prove that one. I’ll take Yeldon, Henry and Drake over any other set of backs.

    • On top of Ga having the best running back in the country…their QB gained a lot of experience and will be more than ready…add a new but great defensive staff led by defending national champs ex coordinator Jeremy Pruitt…I think UGA is is good position to win it all…as Kong as we don’t lose every receiver plus both backs…which by the way GA almost beat Mizzwho with all those injuries

      • Pruitt does scare me, but I think it will take more than an off-season to change a lackluster defense that’s used to under-performing. I’m more afraid of what we’ll see from Georgia’s defense next year. I think Week 3 may answer a lot of questions. Then again, South Carolina has a nice streak of beating the eventual East champ, so Week 3 may answer very little.

        (Also, as a Gamecock fan in Missouri, I sure do get tired of all the Tigers fans talking about how they’re overlooked nationally. Try being a Gamecock fan, where your team has 4 straight years of success but the media still doesn’t care.)

        • ^^^ What Matt said! Although I do have fun with my Mizzou buddies up here!

        • Oh, I have fun with them here in KC. I actually got to exchange a few jokes with one of the Pinkel family members not too long ago. Good-natured people, the ones I met.

    • I think 5 teams could win the SEC East. and all five could win the playoffs. But the discussion about whether it will be Georgia’s backs, or S.Carolina’s recruiting trends, or Missouri’s offense, or Tennessee new wave, or Florida’s newly discovered offense + old defense, is one of the best speculations in College football 2014. If all the East fans are honest, then you have to admit that at least 3 of these teams might not even be an underdog in ANY post-season game. GO SEC EAST. One team that can win the play-offs has to be Mauk, his running backs and receivers, the two lines, and the new wave of Missouri defense that Henson says is so hard for his prolific attack to deal with so far in 2014.

      • I really like Maty Mauk, but I don’t think 2014 will be as good as 2015. There’s just too much talent to replace. By the end of the season, I think they’ll be on a roll, but I expect a few speed bumps early on. The schedule does favor Mizzou on the front end, but if things aren’t solid by the middle of September, it could be game over.

  • they have the best running backs that haven’t proven to be the best running backs so far.I’m sorry I don’t want to look this up but I know you will when have they been the best running backs? Live in the bedroom

  • Missouri Gets No Respect!