Texas A&M Board of Regents member Jim Schwertner created a media storm this week when he said Monday that he hopes Kyle Field gets changed to ‘The House That Johnny Built’.

“I hope the Aggie Nation will come together and decide that’s something they want to do,” Schwertner said.

Former Texas A&M linebacker Sean Porter, who currently plays with the Cincinnati Bengals and played with Johnny Manziel during his 2012 Heisman extravaganza, lashed out at the idea.

Texas A&M is indebted to Johnny Manziel; he created so much media hype and was a key piece in helping the Aggies’ move to the SEC a successful one. Manziel was highly instrumental in helping the program raise $450 million for the two-phase renovation that’s currently ongoing.

But as Sean Porter suggests, it essentially defames and belittles what others have done to help build a successful and powerful program.

Porter was just one of the many who lashed out at the very thought of the idea. What about Kevin Sumlin, his staff and the other 84 scholarship players? What about past players and coaches who laid the foundation for the very program Manziel set foot into?

Photo Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports