“Got a second?”

That line will be played for years to come in the state of Alabama, after Auburn’s Chris Davis took back the ‘kick-six’ for the winning touchdown in epic dramatic fashion with :01 left on the game clock. It was so epic, there were cremated remains found on the field.

Fans of both teams can re-live the epic game with Alabama and Auburn t-shirts at smackapparel.com.

Of course, the front of the Auburn shirt says ‘Kick Bama Kick’, while the back says, ‘Hey Nick, got a second?’


But there’s also a shirt for Alabama, too, which proudly displays the number of championships they have won: 15. The front of the Alabama shirt says ‘Got a second?’, while the back says, ‘Yes! Our second was in 1926…and our 15th was in 2012’, as well as ‘15>2’.


And just think, an expanded playoff would have meant the game wouldn’t have as much national significance. Why? Because both teams would have been in the playoff anyway.

AL.com also had an interview with SmackApparel’s director of sales that you can read here.

Photo Credit: Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports