Two Texas A&M defenders dismissed following arrest for aggravated robbery

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Missouri

Texas A&M dismissed linebacker Darian Claiborne and defensive tackle Isaiah Golden today, head coach Kevin Sumlin announced.

“These two individuals have failed to meet the high expectations and standards that we have for our football players and as representatives of this university,” Sumlin said. “These two players have exhibited a pattern of behavior that we will not tolerate at Texas A&M.”

Golden and Claiborne were suspended from spring practice following their prior February arrests. Golden was charged with a misdemeanor marijuana possession, while Claiborne was charged with a noise violation. However, according to The Eagle, Golden and Claiborne were arrested today on three charges of aggravated robbery stemming from a May 23rd incident.

Photo Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Big day for Auburn with UGA & A&M dismissing all these players….

    • The robbers wind up at Kansas and usually rob again before practice even starts

      • HA! I don’t guess that qualifies as a “Rock chalk!” eh, Wolfman?

        I’m thinking that’s good news for Auburn–but also for SC and MU.

        • Matt, you are on to me here. And I was thinking of a real story. Charlie Weiss does some unexplainable things with recruiting. One outlaw he went after wasn’t on campus more than a few days before he and another upstanding citizen robbed a store. Keep in mind here that Lawrence, Kansas is a very small city. Everybody in town knew where this kid was before, during, and after the comic book caper. I like Kansas, KU has a good med center, but the over-all KU weirdness that Missouri fans can now dis-associate with, was by itself worth changing conferences. I laugh every time I hear Pinkel say, “hey we’ll let KU play us again”, because I know it’s like spraying flying insect killer on the Jaymoths.

        • Ha! I made a deal with my wife back in 2005 that I’d cheer for her Jayhawks in basketball if she would cheer for the Gamecocks in football. Now there are times I have to cheer for Mizzou in football, and that makes things interesting around the house. I was glad she was gone during the Cotton Bowl.

  • I was going to say that A&M’s defense couldn’t get any worse from last year, but it looks like I might be wrong. It’s not like A&M’s defense was going to be any good this year, but before this I thought they might improve a little big considering just how bad they were last season. But these two players were two of their best and now that they are gone, A&M has no hope at really improving. No team is going to take A&M’s defense seriously. I don’t get why the media and sports writers actually believe that A&M should be ranked. If they go to a bowl game this season, that will be a success.

  • No worries Hugh Freeze will pick them up , they will fit right in in Oxford.

    • Ummm, name me one transfer we’ve gotten in the Hugh Freeze era that had any legal issues. Houston Nutt, maybe, but not Freeze. Good try though little brother…..

  • Hmmmm, lets see do the Nkemdiche brothers ring a bell little bear?????

  • Good riddance to both of the sh*t-for-brains. The defense didn’t just get worse, it got better; got rid of two cancers. TAMU is gonna be just fine as time goes on.

    • well said Willy, as a Missouri follower, I appreciate aTm. Nobody in that program deserves to be associated with that. I sat with some aTm fans at Missouri this year. What a great game from both programs.