James Franklin has been criticized recently, particularly in the Nashville area, for taking Vanderbilt commits and flipping them to Penn State upon being hired.

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So far, Franklin has flipped three former Vanderbilt commits to Penn State, and more could be coming, while the Commodores look to hire their next head coach to somehow pick up the pieces of a once solid recruiting class.

Franklin appeared on the Dan Patrick Show, and Patrick asked him what the proper etiquette is for flipping recruits in this manner. Franklin explained his rationale, as if he needed to at all, via YouTube.

“I don’t know what the rules are, there,” Franklin said. “I know that I’ve been sitting in living rooms with families and kids and selling them on a dream and selling them on a vision and our relationship. A lot of people say that the kids should commit to a school, not a coach, but the reality is, they do. Families and kids want to make sure their kid is being taken care of. It’s about the relationship aspect.

“My responsibility is to do everything in my power to make sure I put a team together that can help Penn State be successful. And the people I’ve been recruiting for the last two years that I know inside and out, know the type of men they are, type of families they come from, you know, that’s going to happen. My job right now is to do everything I possibly can to help Penn State be successful.”

There are no rules against it; there is no proper etiquette against it; Franklin just has the inside track on the Vanderbilt commits. He’s built relationships with them over the last several years, and their families trust him.

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Obviously all coaches have different philosophies on aggressively pursuing recruits in this manner, but I don’t know a head coach who wouldn’t do it.

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