Georgia hires FSU defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt

NCAA Football: BCS National Championship-Florida State Press Conference

This is as good as it gets for Georgia and Mark Richt.

Georgia has hired FSU defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt, according to several media reports. Pruitt helped lead FSU’s defense to a national championship in 2013, and FSU finished first in the country in scoring defense and third overall in total defense.

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Pruitt is a Nick Saban disciple, and he coached the defensive backs at Alabama from 2010-12 before taking over FSU’s defense.

This is arguably the best hire that Mark Richt could have made, and they essentially traded out Todd Grantham for Jeremy Pruitt, who, like Grantham, will also be making $850,000 per year. It comes out to be a complete steal for the Bulldogs.

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  • Well done, McGarity and Richt! Go Dawgs!

  • wow, nice hire. with uga’s talent this will be a nasty defense to go against

  • This is great news! Welcome to UGA, Jeremy.

  • May in fact be a good hire but his FSU defense was playing in the incredibly weak ACC. Let’s see how he fares in a different league.

    • Well, he also coached the DBs at Alabama, and his units finished in the top ten each year he was there. So, having coached at Bama, plus having gone out on his own and proven he can be a DC, and add the fact that UGA needed a new secondary coach makes this a win-win-win.

    • Who won the National Championship against a very tough Auburn Tigers. Why is it that you sadly forgot to mention that?

    • Let’s see now, FSU gave up 21 points in the first 20 minutes and 10 in the last 40 minutes against the BEST team in the mighty SEC. How did your team do against Auburn? Sheesh, dude, you need to be better informed before posting anything.

      • Many, many people have proven that being “better informed” is not a prerequisite to posting comments. The guy who posted above also forgot about FSU’s D doing a better job against Clemson than South Carolina did (I assume he is a SCar fan based on his username). FSU also shut down a Duke offense playing well. While I agree Pruitt hasn’t completely proven himself, I am confident in his abilities to coach and he cannot POSSIBLY be worse than Grantham.

  • Wow, pretty damn good hire there Georgia…..

  • I’m pretty jacked about this hire….we get a guy who’s learned under Saban but also had success away from him. DawgNation was clambering for Kirby Smart which would’ve costed us almost twice as much and Im just not convinced he’s worth it. This not only provides our secondary with the much needed extra help but may also land us a few of those FSU quality DBs. I also feel this all but locks in Lorenzo Carter who could be a game changer in the 2014 class.

  • Great hire!! Stoked as hell! Is August 30th here yet?

  • Wow. Not the hire opposing teams wanted to see UGA make, but definitely a great hire for UGA. Always had the talent, and now they have someone that will actually use it

  • Great move Richt now to make this a great team fired Mike Bobo!

    • Are you joking? Bobo has put good offenses on the field year in and year out

      • Eh bobos offensives are quite vanilla and honestly, I think its more of the QB on the fields than bobo. I think the offense couldve been even better with someone else.

        • While I agree that Bobo has been helped by one of the best QBs (statistically) in SEC history and the best RB in the country being on the same field at once, I do believe Bobo is coming into his own as an offensive coordinator. Next year will tell the tale with a new QB and a slightly greener offensive line.

        • That you are. And you just saw how good Murray really is with all those injuries. So if Bobo can do well with a green QB this year, Ill give him my support. But I havent been sold on him because he is literally using the same plays he used while he was a QB in college. You gotta change that up quick like!

  • Great hire! I believe this will help recruiting significantly!

  • They all LOVE those Alabama coaches!

  • Great hire !!! Smart would have been awkward. True DC. Smart move. Was a little suprised FSU didn’t counter ? Maybe they did?

  • I just hope maybe he is young enough to remember what pot smells like, so if he does smell it in a young guy’s living room., he can haul ass!