NFL buzzing about Johnny Manziel’s padded pro day

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Johnny Manziel participated in pro day in pads? Of course he did. The sports world has been buzzing all morning about it.

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Seventy-five NFL personnel from 30 different teams were there to witness the spectacle; even former President H.W. Bush was in attendance. Manziel completed 62 of 64 throws. Forty-nine of them were from the pocket, and 15 were rollout passes. Yes, scouts keep numbers on every type of throw on pro day.

Overall, Manziel proved what he had to do: the arm strength, the accuracy and the footwork in the pocket. How much can you really tell from a pro day workout? Several former players and scouts weigh in:

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“He showed us he can make all the throws,” NFL Network analyst Kurt Warner said. “That deep ball was impeccable. Great touch, good enough velocity and was able to set it out there.”

“I think (Manziel) loves competition,” NFL Media draft analyst Mike Mayock said. “He lights up like a Christmas tree with all these GMs here.”

“He made every throw, and he was well prepared,” Texans head coach Bill O’Brien said. “I saw every throw I needed to see. He was very impressive.”

“There’s a leap of faith involved from a general manager or team perspective if you want to take this kid in the top 10,” Mayock said. “When chaos happens, he’s phenomenal. What you have to buy into, if he’s a top-10 pick, is that he’s going to learn. If you combine his spontaneity with an ability to win from within the pocket, then you’ve got something unique in today’s NFL. If you get that, yeah, he’s the No. 1 pick in the draft.”


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  • The best I can figure out is Johnny Manziel = Doug Flutie. No GM in their right mind is gonna put their job on the line to draft a guy who’s main talent is scrambling after the play breaks down, and it usually breaks down because he can’t find an open receiver with a guy a foot taller in his face…. He’ll be a bigger bust than Colt McCoy…

    • You’re not very good at figuring. “Main talent is scrambling after the play breaks down” Whaaa??? Some people just can’t get over their penis envy.
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      Yeah, just lucky I guess.

    • Are you related to Mack Brown?? Remember…he’s the guy who said Johhny could never transition from HS to become a big bad NCAA QB; safety is all he’s good for.

      Mack is knockin’ on doors now: JFF has them knocking on his door.

      Somebody needs to tell Russell Wilson and Drew Brees they’re too damn short to play in the NFL; they’ll never make it! (I’m guessing you were saying the same about them?)

  • I hafta give it to JFF on this one…I think wearing the pads was a great idea and should be a requirement. I just hope it wasn’t just so nike could sell that stuff …oh wait what was that last tweet?