LSU defensive end Jordan Allen will transfer

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Senior defensive end Jordan Allen will transfer from LSU, as first reported by Tiger Rag. LSU has granted him permission to talk to other teams not in the SEC and not on LSU’s non-conference schedule, according to the report.

“I’m free to talk with whoever I want who is not in the SEC and is not (on LSU’s out of conference schedule),” Allen said. “That’s whatever, that’s ok. That’s pretty much where I’m at right now. Now I’m able to talk to some of them.

“I’ve communicated with a coach over at (Louisiana Lafayette) just to hear what they had to say, because they found out and wanted to talk to me as soon as they could. … That’s not my only option, but it’s my first one.”

Allen has been practicing with the team this spring, and he was projected to play a big role in the defensive line rotation in 2014.

He played in all 13 games last season, making 16 tackles, including two sacks. The former four-star high school prospect will have to enroll in graduate school wherever he transfers in order to play this season.

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Allen becomes the seventh player to leave the team this offseason. The most recent was defensive back Kavahra Holmes, who announced he’ll also transfer.

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  • Is there anyone else who finds this odd? The occasional quarterback not being able to find playing time transferring is one thing, but like Jon said, this is the 7th person leaving the team this year that isn’t entering the draft or a senior.

  • Its not odd at all. It’s simple cause and effect. The cause being ignorant coaches showing an overwhelming amount of favoritism towards players who don’t necessarily deserve it. The effect is players leaving in order to actually progress in the sport they love and further their careers. Would you play for someone like that? I think some coaching staff changes need to be made pretty soon before les miles runs the whole program into the ground.

    • You are delirious aren’t you” How about this cause and effect: Younger players coming up behind Allen are getting more reps during spring and he realizes that he’s going to be passed on the depth chart. Same with the others that have left. LSU did have the #2 recruiting class this year and #6 before that.

  • You don’t seriously believe that crap do you? Maybe you should check your facts before you spout off dribble like that!

  • To get quality playing time in BR you must kick defensless people in the head over and over after they have capitulated and collapsed into the fetile position on the ground. Then you Play? Ridiculous , get out of there