Georgia announces Josh Harvey-Clemons has been dismissed from the team

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech

A promising Georgia career has just come to an end.

Georgia announced that star safety Josh Harvey-Clemons has been dismissed from the team due to a violation of team rules.

JHC was suspended for the first game against Clemson and for the Gator Bowl last season, as well as the first three games in 2014 for his second violation of UGA’s student-athlete drug policy. The former five-star was the Bulldogs’ third leading tackler in 2013, racking up 66 tackles, including 5.5 for loss, three fumble recoveries and two forced fumbles.

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Josh Harvey-Clemons could have had a huge career for the Bulldogs, but he just couldn’t stay out of trouble.

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  • Props to Richt and the coaching staff. Wish more teams would do the same.

    • Ya’ll will have your opportunity when y’all inevitably pick him up next year.

    • Yea… Richt is a real hero for throwing a third offender drug user off the team.

      • Given the drug policies of other schools and the crap they let slide, I’d say it’s pretty damn commendable.

        • Get off your high horse. A&M actually has the best drug policy in the SEC. He would have been kicked of the team at UK, UT, AU, Vandy, Mizzu and SC. ..truth is most nfl caliber players are smart enough not to or at least not to get caught especially after two fails. Shows his lack of respect for himself, his family and Richt.

        • Not on a high horse, Vile. Nowhere did I claim that UGA has the best anti-drug policy. My point was that Richt and other coaches who actually hold their players accountable are damn commendable. I would agree that his actions were pretty selfish.
          P.S., I will save the argument for whether he would be kicked off the teams you mentioned for another day, because I certainly beg to differ.

        • Commendable or Self Righteous? Does being hard on weed really help our cause or anyone elses? Besides our competition that is? I dunno Dawg780 I believe everyone should play by the same rules on this.

        • JP, I think weed should be legalized, so no, I don’t think being hard on weed is commendable. What is commendable, however, is setting rules and sticking to them no matter who breaks them. Some coaches do it, some don’t. Richt is one that does. That was my point.

        • Vile…I’m sure it took you hours to come up with that. While you beg to differ with my point about him being kick off other teams. It clearly happens in other places not name Florida. Stop guessing look it up.

        • Eh, no guessing involved, smart guy. But, if it’s as easy as looking it up, then please show me a player, just one over the past decade, at each of those schools who has been dismissed from the team due to failing 3 drug tests AND who has not been arrested. UK is as close as it gets and they have one of the strictest policies, along with UGA, int he SEC.
          1..2..3..go. I look forward to the crickets.

        • Just out of curiosity, anybody know what Vandy’s policy is? I figured they’d have a pretty strict one as well.

        • Oh I’m with ya…JHC knew the rules when he signed up…but that doesn’t mean UGA shouldn’t look at changing them. Wes10: try this link: Everyone but Bama, LSU, UF and ARK dismiss after the 3rd strike but UGA and UK are the only ones who suspend on the first.

        • However…to what extent the testing is implemented is strictly up to the school’s discression…in Athens they always seem to test right after the holidays and spring breaks when the boys go home. Not sure what goes on elsewhere.

  • What a shame–great player! But props to Mark Richt for taking rules and discipline seriously. Most other teams would sweep this stuff under the rug and move on, putting the “W” before the character of young men.

    • 3 strikes is a lot even for just weed…but the fact is we are talking about something that the NFL is likely about to allow and two states have made legal. As far as I know there has never been any arrests. The first suspension was based his honesty and the last two on team administered testing I assume. And yes, our policy is the strictest in the sec and nation along with UK and two others. However is that something to be proud of? To me it seems a little self righteous to be so hard on something no one else seems to care about. Unless the NCAA mandates a universal system why would we continue this? I’m all for discipline for thuggish behavior, violence, rape, etc. But as long as we continue to be hard on marijuana we will continue losing talent to other programs that aren’t. And for what? A merit badge?

  • Such a shame. My favorite defender last season. Now I’m going to have to take this test depressed. Hope he sees this as a learning opportunity and improves himself.

  • Yeah he’ll be a monster for some other SEC team most likely. Damn this makes me angry. JHC what the hell man?!?

  • Heres a Link to the video of why UGA Kicked him of the team! Haha This is the real reason Georgia “dismissed” JHC from UGA.

  • Always annoying to see this happen to guys.
    Anyone know exactly what rule he broke? I will take wild guess and say failed drug test?

    Also I would like to see a rule maybe where if a guy is kicked off team for breaking team rules they can not play for another team in same conference. Or something like that.

    • Well there is a rule like that…. They have to go JUCO for at least one year and then after that can go to any team they want. Also, when players are kicked off for breaking team rules it will usually stay in-house and we’ll probably never know. There were some Bama kids that were booted with the same reason and I would’ve loved to know what exactly happen but that won’t ever happen.

  • Tough moment for him and his family. But he, like Nick Marshall, can go somewhere else and get a fresh start if he has the will and determination to find the right path – hopefully he will. Georgia did what they had to do – Coach Richt is a good man.

  • Now Im sure I will get some hate for this, but I want all of CFB to adopt and make law UGA’s discipline code. There’s a reason why Spurrier loves to play UGA early lol about time everyone follow the same damn rules.

  • Say hello to the future QB of Auburn where no violation is too severe to totally overlook.

  • Damn… at any other school JHC’s problems would get overlooked. Mark Richt did what he had to do for the benefit of the team. You only get so many chances. Gotta hand it to Richt though.

  • First I am going to say to all you ppl that are saying that all the other schools in the SEC would sweep this under the rug, YOU ARE IDIOTS. Ok, maybe LSU, but the other schools would do the same thing as Georgia. But it still amazes me how stupid kids are these days, especially kids lucky enough to get a chance to have a scholarship to play football at a major college. Do they realize how lucky they are? I realize kids will always make mistakes, but this kid really must be stupid. How many times did he think he was going to get away with doing drugs? Doing drugs in the first place is really stupid, but doing them and knowing he is risking his scholarship is even dumber. Of course I hope this kid gets his act together and finishes school. But the world we live in these days aren’t teaching our kids very much. If he would have learn from his mistake when he was younger, maybe he would still be playing football at Georgia instead of being kick off the team.

    • Based on your other posts, I am not surprised at your nerve in calling other people IDIOTS when you yourself are obviously uninformed and naive, but you may want to do some research before calling people names. According to research done by another site ( I recognize is not the bible) 6 teams don’t necessarily permanently dismiss a player for a third positive drug test. Even then, you are putting your head in the sand if you think the schools strictly abide by their own policies (see Honey Badger admitting to failing 10 drug tests, despite LSU’s policy of dismissal of one year after the 3rd failed test).
      Anyway, I agree with the rest of your post.

      • I guessing you didn’t read the part were I said LSU doesn’t dismiss kids after failing drug test several times. I’m not putting my head in the sand when I say that most teams/coaches usually do dismiss players after failing drug test several times. I think that some circumstances are different, but now when it comes to drugs. I personally would like to see a zero tolerance when it comes to drugs.

        • Yes, I saw the part where you acknowledged LSU being the worst of the bunch, but you asserted LSU was the only school that would not have dismissed JHC, when that is not the case.
          And, YES, I do realize that our country is in trouble because of all the morons we have reproducing like rabbits. That is a conversation for another day on another website, though.

      • You do realize that half this country is completely stupid right? Because half this country voted for Obama not once, but twice. That pretty much proves my point on that.

        • I would dare say this country was pretty damn smart not electing Sarah Palin as VP in 2008 and not electing 1% Romney as Prez in 2012. So said this “stupid voter.”

        • ^^^ Exhibit A ^^^
          Apparently, we elect VPs now, NOT the president who selects the VP as the running mate. Anyway, I have to consciously try and avoid turning this into a political discussion.

        • Lol. Agreed Dawg780. I am sure that somehow this is George W. Bush’s fault….