Alabama’s Landon Collins fires back on Twitter at Oklahoma fans about Sugar Bowl loss

NCAA Football: Chattanooga at Alabama

Alabama and Oklahoma are developing a nice little rivalry that isn’t expected to be renewed unless both teams make it to the new College Football Playoff.

Landon Collins caught heat from Oklahoma fans and one OU player regarding a comment he made to about the Sugar Bowl loss.

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“That just fires it up, because we know what type of defense we are,” Collins told ESPN. “We already know what we are capable of. Just to hear that we got picked apart by an offense that shouldn’t have been on the field with us, that’s a disgrace to Alabama defense. We need to pick it up from that standpoint.”

OU fans then took to Twitter, and Collins fired back:

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  • Collins shouldn’t have opened his mouth in the first place. Now, he is looking foolish trying to stand his ground. JMO

  • Ignorance should keep his mouth shut and off social media.

  • Aside from sounding like most of his own fans (stupid), he at least has one thing on most of them. He is actually attending the University of Alabama……

    • I love how every time an athlete does something questionable or shows poor judgment, it becomes something that can be attributed to the entire univ

      • to the entire university and fan base. So the next time a Rebel player messes up I get to call you and your whole fan base a bunch of morons. And round and round we go.

        • You can if you want to, however, the Ole Miss fanbase isn’t collectively looked at as one large group of bandwagon rednecks. Bama’s is.

      • Notice the part where he didn’t bash the university, just the fan base. You gave it a good try, though. I bet an education at the University of Alabama would have helped.

        • You can’t bash Landon Collins for not being a genius when it comes to grammar he is not goingoing to bama on an academic scholarship he is going there on an Athletic Scholarship he did not get into bama for his wonderful grades and test scores he is going there because of his talent on the football field….hes a black athlete from Giesmar,La who speaks the same way of the culture he was raised in. So if you are truly from the south you should be use to this and understand why he talks like this.

    • 25-0? Safety? Is that Collins position, or what bama did to the rebels in the 4th?

  • Bama being classy as usual I see

  • So y’all mad Roll Tide Roll when y’all started winning game den y’all can talk all you commenter shut up

    • I really hope you are just trying to make fun of how uneducated this “Student” athlete sounds. If you are a true Bama fan, and a fan of Nick Saban’s “process”, then this should be disgusting to you and you should be yelling for Collins to be punished. He is a disgrace to what Alabama Football is all about. Most Bama fans looooove to talk trash, because they can’t p[lay the games themselves, but you RARELY hear of an Alabama player doing some classless crap like this, without being swiftly dealt with. He will regret this I am sure.

      • Uneducated? It sounds to me like he’s doing the same thing most people do: typing the way he talks. He’s not doing an essay in MLA format, he’s posting a Twitter status.

        • Ok, I see your point. On the other hand, if this were a video, and he were speaking the way he tweeted, I would have said the same thing. I also type the way I talk. Unfortunately there is not a font that relays a southern accent. A player from a school such as Alabama is expected to be a steward of that University, for good reason, and this article coupled with all the comments just further proves that point.

      • He is a Black athlete He was raised in a culture that talks like this (Ebonics). He is a very competitive athlete, and is going to bama for free because of this. His competitiveness is the reason why he was the number one recruit a few years ago and is the reason why he is the starting safety for Bama. Being competitive is all he knows and I honor him for that. He knew growing up he was going to be a great athlete, and that football was going to be his ticket into wealth, so it’s understood that his main focus was football. He writes the way he speaks. And the fact that you’re a Georgia fan is questionable. There are a lot of black people that live in Georgia and you should be used to hearing black people talk like this…

    • Thanks for making my point from above. Roll tide……

  • If you look at the Big 12 recent record against the SEC and you look at the Big 12 spokesprogram Texas getting beat by a middle of the pack SEC program first football week after, then you can see how important it was for Oklahoma to try to validate Bob Stoop’s talk. (“Only the top of the SEC is leading the nation”). EVEN THOUGH OKLAHOMA PULLED THE UPSET, it still fell way short of Bob Stoop’s claim, and all the rankers and ratings also put Stoops, Oklahoma, and the Big 12 in back in their place. Just 24 hours after this SEC Missouri beat Oklahoma State. Check the final rankings of all SEC programs. No smart football fan thinks Oklahoma, Ok-State, Baylor, K-State, Iowa State, are bad football teams. I personally like a lot of these coaches and recognize their traditions and records. Just don’t try to turn the upset of Alabama into more than it was. Writing and thinking about what you write are a skill (like football Mr. Collins), Thinking is also a skill (Coach Stoops). College football is the greatest team sport ever.

  • big 12 has not won the crystal ball since