Lane Kiffin set to interview at Alabama, Crimson Tide fans react on Twitter


The Internet is not safe anymore, and neither is the coaching carousel, which is in full swing around the country.

With the news that Michigan hired Alabama offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier away from the Crimson Tide, Nick Saban will be looking for a new coordinator.

The names of several candidates are being thrown around, and among them is the one and only Lane Kiffin. Remember, Saban hired Kiffin to be an offensive consultant to help evaluate the offense during bowl season, and he has a respect level for the former Tennessee and USC head coach.

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Several poked fun at the notion that Kiffin was helping the Tide revive their offense during bowl practice, and Saban couldn’t understand why.

“Lane is a really good offensive coach and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him,” Saban said via

Aside from it just being ‘Lane Kiffin’, he’s a great recruiter, and his offenses set records at USC. Hey may not be a good head coach, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a real asset as the Tide’s offensive coordinator.

UPDATED: CBS Sports reports that Kiffin will interview for the Alabama OC position this week and as early as today.

Just the mere thought of Kiffin at Alabama sparks emotions among Alabama and college football fans:

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  • Please let this happen.

    • You’ll still get the big L so what’s it matter to you??

      • Meh, we’re catching up. And Kiffin has a proven track record of stalling out programs, both in college & the NFL. So yeah, I wouldn’t mind this happening. Also, Bama has to finally come to Oxford for the first time in 3 years, so that’ll help us.

  • As was stated in the story’ some guys who are tremendous assistant coaches and coordinators just can’t transfer that success to being a head coach. Typically that is because there is so much more to being an head coach than Xs and Os. I would tend to believe Nick Saban understands that and knows more about Kiffin’s abilities than the average fan. Does anyone seriously think Saban would seriously endanger his program if he didn’t think Kiffin could do the job? Afterall, it wasn’t the offense that was the problem at USC. Then again, Lane may land all these great jobs because he has a smokin’ wife, lol.

  • I don’t know what the problem was a USC, other than the players not believing in him. But closer to home at Tennessee, is was is big mouth that made him stand out as everything the SEC didn’t stand for. Since Saban is an expert at keeping his players quiet with the press (except for McCarron), I have to suppose that he would tell Kiffin to do the same. Otherwise, it would be a disaster. I usually don’t even know who Alabama offensive coordinator is, because he never speaks. The similar thing would have to happen with Kiffin.

  • Perhaps Kiffin can be Saban’s “Coach in Waiting…”

  • Lord please no! Not Kiffin, I even felt bad for Tennessee when he duped them, I don’t want any part of him. he made fun of the SEC, why do we want him back in the SEC? The ONLY benefit I see from him is his recruiting because he brings nothing else. Without daddy Monty, Kiffin is a zero. Please no Coach Saban run the other way.

    • Is Saban worried about recruiting? Don’t they have like the #1 recruiting class in the country right now? This guy is a bottle of poison – he ruins everything around him. Name a program he has been affiliated with that he left in better shape than when he arrived? Why on Earth would Saban think having him in the program is a good idea? Am I in the f’ing Twilight Zone?

  • Don’t understand this hire????