Les Miles spoke out against the NCAA’s shelved 10-second proposal in very Les Miles-like fashion

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Iowa vs Louisiana State

Now that we know the 10-second proposal has been tabled for at least this season, we’ll probably hear from every SEC head coach regarding the subject either this spring or summer at SEC Media Days.

Les Miles kept silent while the heated discussion took place over the last month, but he finally spoke out and said he was firmly against the proposed rule, according to NOLA.com.

“I find there’s no reason to make the change unless you want to limit plays, slow the ball being snapped, reduce scoring and make college football less marketable,” Miles said.

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And Miles proceeded to explain it in a very Les Miles-like fashion.

“There’s little or no evidence that would say that injury is likely,” Miles said. “Having said that, the incidence of injury in football is 100 percent. That being said, ‘He hurt his hand. Why? Because he was playing football. He hurt his elbow. Why? Because he was playing football.’

“Fatigue, if there’s a guy on there that’s tired, here’s how we handle it: We played Oregon and Auburn and a number of teams that use the up-tempo offense, right? Here’s what happens: The guy goes like this (patting his head) when he gets tired. When the ball is stopped, he runs off the field quickly. And we put another guy on the field quickly. It just happens. As the time it takes to get on the far hash, it becomes difficult to do, don’t get me wrong. But in the ebb and flow of the game, it’s not been an issue for us.”

“The incidence of injury in football is 100 percent.” I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Miles then goes on to explain the basic procedure of how LSU substitutes players when they’re tired or winded – as do most teams – by patting the helmet.

I hope Les Miles coaches for another 25 years.

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  • What a wordsmith! I wish Les Miles would give my future children “The birds and the bees” talk. “Truly I tell you when a man loves a woman they enter a certain type of courtSHIP… This courtSHIP leads to very explICIT material followed by regret, a child, settling down with someone you don’t love, and slowly dying inside.”

  • Les is the MAN. GEAUX TIGERS!!!

  • I love Spurries & Les Miles. They say what they think. It’s refreshing. Saban can talk for 5 minutes & not make a single point. He regurgitates the same 4 or 5 sentences over & over about process, process, process. Great coach, but he puts you to sleep.

    • Ok, reb I’ll give you the tone of voice on Saban, but he also calls a lot of people out for their bologna as well. So I give Saban a lot of credit too. I do think Saban has raised a big bologna flag over his head on the 10 sec. rule.

      • What I mean is a reporter can ask Saban a question & he’ll spend five minutes responding without actually answering the question. He finished responding to reporters & you’re like, “Did that guy even hear the question??” He would make a fine politician.

        • What are you even talking about? He always answers straight to the point. In fact there has been talk about him being a sport analyst for ESPN after he retires.

  • Casey Stengel Miles….a real beauty.