More SEC-ACC games likely coming

The ACC became the SEC’s unofficial partner when both leagues decided to stay at eight conference games, and CBS Sports’ Jeremy Fowler reports that there’s an informal scheduling pact happening now between the two conferences.

It was reported in February the ACC wanted more games against SEC teams. That was prior to the SEC finalizing its eight-game conference slate for 2016 and beyond. Likewise, when the ACC decided against going to nine games, too, the door was opened wide for more SEC-ACC games.

In the same report, a source said the ACC is working on an “8+1 model”, where ACC teams would play eight conference games and one SEC team every year, which was never likely to come about completely. Four SEC-ACC annual rivalries exist between Florida-FSU, Georgia-Georgia Tech, South Carolina-Clemson and Kentucky-Louisville.

According to CBSSports, quoting an SEC source, four or five teams from each league are discussing potential home-and-home matchups to be had in the next six to seven years.

Many options are on the table, and it will benefit teams that don’t have future Big 5 non-conference foes already lined up. Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt would benefit greatly by this informal pact. Teams like NC State, UVA, Wake Forest, Boston College and Syracuse could be the likely competitors.

There have been talks of Florida and Miami hooking up in Orlando sometime in the future. Both programs are open to the idea, but Florida only likes the scenario where they play at a neutral location.

Regardless of whether or not you like SEC-ACC matchups, they’re likely coming. College football needs more SEC-Pac-12 games. There, I said it.

Photo Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports