Offenses can go as fast as they want: NCAA tables 10-second proposal


The NCAA’s 10-second proposal will be tabled for at least another season, ESPN reports. The College Football Rules Committee will not even vote on the proposal tomorrow.

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That’s great news for coaches like Gus Malzahn and Hugh Freeze, who have been demonstratively against the proposal that would theoretically slow down offenses. Others like Nick Saban and Bret Bielema will disagree, citing player injuries.

2014 isn’t a rules change year; therefore, anything passed by the rules committee had to be done under the player safety umbrella. And right now, there just isn’t enough documentation to justify implementing the rule this season.

However, don’t expect this to go away any time soon. 2015 is a rules change year, and no doubt this subject will be a heated discussion through spring meetings and SEC Media Days this summer.

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  • This was no doubt the best decision. Putting it aside and getting more data is the only resolution that could have been had.

  • The rules committee did the right thing. 1) This isn’t a “player safety” issue. It is a coach’s interest issue. 2) If they want to make this a player safety issue, then they need to prove that it is a safety issue (which they won’t). 3) Saban & Bert will need to bring this to the table more honestly next off-season. Say that it prevents officials from doing their job most efficiently. Something realistic, not hiding behind “player safetey”. Although when they propose the same rule change next year under a new pretense, it will look even more fraudulent than it did this year.

  • This is not a player issue but is an officials issue. Bring back the 25 second clock and do not allow the play to start until officials are in place.

  • well its funny the coaches who complained about the rule rarely use all of there timeouts. so if they were sooooooo concerned about player safety then why dont they use all of there time outs to give there kids a break from the fast paced offenses?…………Oh wait that may cost them the game cause they need those time outs…….yeah not really about safety is it….its about winning and whining

  • Well, here’s to lung cancer…..

  • You can dance around now but this year is going to bring some changes or the courts will shortly. The NCAA is preparing to cut full contact in practice because it exposes the players to more injuries, ie. concussions. Yet they are letting these clusterpluck offenses expose the players to a 20% increase by the hurry up offenses. Now stop and think for just a minute. The first player that gets a serious injury during one of these clusterpluck drives is picked up by a lawyer to take the coach, school and NCAA to court for this lack of control. Injuries happen at the rate of 7 – 1, games against practice. The NCAA is going to cut pratice to lower exposure. How in hell are they going to explain in court why the increased the exposure in games by 20%. Yeah, increase the 7 by 20% and cut the 1. I don’t think the courts will by the excuses used by most of the media, schools or coaches,1) we’re just making it more exciting for the fans or 2) we’re making so much more money. They can’t cut pratice without controlling plays, if they do, the courts will decide. Ya’ll just keep on celebrating being excited.

    • And again I’ll ask you about the playoff system. That’s adding more games to the season for some teams. So how is that not a safety issue?? But I don’t hear anybody complaining about that. And yes, you’re right. The NCAA will be brought down because someone got injured during a football game…….LOL

    • A lawsuit on injuries (concussions) already exists idiot.

  • Now after listening to all the BS back and forth. Admit it, the only reason teams run the fast offense is because they have to run the play before the other team is ready because they know if the other team is ready they will get beat. That’s just how simple this whole thing is. And if you think Coach Saban or any other good coach won’t adjust to this and still win, you must be stoopid. It’s a FAD for inferior teams that are afraid to line up and play smash mouth football.

    • Isn’t the point of the game to do what it takes to win?

      • Right there with you Wes….. the W is all that counts win the clock runs out. Just like Jackie Sherrill said…. in that other article oh how Saban will adjust…. Saban will adjust by recruiting a few smaller faster individuals to counter the fast paced offense. From the way Sherrill put it in the article there is already a formula that Bear Bryant came up with for defeating HUNH or “fast paced” offenses it will just take Saban a little time to get the right players in place. But in the mean time there is no reason for him to be whining about a stupid rule for a stupid reason. Forget that you already had quite the national title run? Give me a break Bama fans. Next thing you know Saban will “Myer” yall and go coach somewhere else if you dont get off his back.

    • It has nothing to do with fear you moron. Certainly, an up-tempo offense is designed to expose weaknesses in a more talented defense. Yes, these offenses are meant to bridge a talent gap. Your assertion is akin to saying, “Hey Stephen Curry, are you afraid to go post up on Dwight Howard?” No, he’s not afraid, but why the hell would you do that when you can just drain open 3’s. Isn’t a coach supposed to do everything in his power to create advantages over another team?? This is precisely why Saban was lobbying for this rule change. To create an advantage. Your post is so “stoopid”, it makes me laugh.

  • These Bama guys are cracking me up acting like they’re the only ones who play smash mouth football. Your coach only wanted this rule cause Gus waxed his ass, quit crying already.

  • I know it won’t happen, but man it would be hilarious to see how these Bama fans would change their tune if Saban implemented a HUNH, did a 180, and said, “You know, the HUNH is not so bad for player safety, after all. I’m against the 10-second rule now.” Strangely, Bama fans would start citing to statistics that show player safety is not an issue at all and they would make assertions like “teams just need to adjust to stop the HUNH; adjustments are a part of the game.”

    • There would be a campaign to make the HUNH the only offense anybody was allowed to run

      • No, the campaign would be for Bama to be the only team allowed to run it because they would be the only team capable of “running it safely.” Ha

    • Saban has already said that he wants Kiffin to install some up-tempo schemes for his offense this fall. Saban wants his cake, he wants to eat it too, but he doesn’t want anyone else to even get a crumb of his cake……or his little debbie snacks.