It took several weeks for Nick Saban to speak publicly about the NCAA’s 10-second proposal, which would allow defenses 10 seconds to substitute before offenses can snap the ball, but in just a matter of days, Saban has let his voice be heard twice.

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He spoke last Friday night at the Georgia Minority Coaches Association for the first time, and you can read what he said here.

This time, Saban was interviewed by ESPN in a story published Tuesday night, and he advised all the up-tempo coaches needing injury evidence to use some logic.

“I don’t care about getting blamed for this. That’s part of it,” Saban told “But I do think that somebody needs to look at this very closely.

“The fastball guys (up-tempo coaches) say there’s no data out there, and I guess you have to use some logic,” Saban told ESPN. “What’s the logic? If you smoke one cigarette, do you have the same chances of getting cancer if you smoke 20? I guess there’s no study that specifically says that. But logically, we would say, ‘Yeah, there probably is.'”

Saban said last Friday night that he’s all for what’s best for the game, and he doesn’t think coaches should determine it.

“Look, I’m all for what’s best for the game. The game is what it is, I don’t think any coach should determine, just like when they went to Philadelphia in the NFL and they were going so fast, the officials said, ‘We control the pace of the game.’ The league said, ‘The officials control the pace of the game, not a coach.’ So, I’m just saying what’s best for the game. That’s what Nick Saban is for.”

Not even 20 percent of FBS coaches (25 of 128) are in favor of the proposed change, and only 11 coaches in the power five conferences like it. Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez even made an incredible movie trailer about it, named ‘Arizona Speed’.

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