Projecting the preseason AP Top 25, eight SEC teams projected to be ranked

College football insider Phil Steele recently projected what he thinks the AP Top 25 will look like come August. You can watch the video on ESPN here.

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The projection includes eight SEC teams, and that would equal an SEC record last October that also featured eight top 25 teams. Alabama, Auburn and South Carolina are all projected to be top 10 teams, followed by Georgia, LSU, Missouri, Texas A&M and Ole Miss.

Several way-too-early top 25 rankings included Florida near the bottom of other rankings, too.

Here’s a look at Steele’s projected preseason top 25:

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1. FSU
2. Alabama
3. Oregon
4. Auburn
5. Oklahoma
6. Ohio State
8. Michigan State
9. Baylor
10. South Carolina
11. Georgia
12. Stanford
13. LSU
14. USC
15. Notre Dame
16. Clemson
17. Wisconsin
18. Missouri
19. Texas A&M
20. Ole Miss
21. Texas
22. Washington
23. North Carolina
24. UCF
25. Louisville

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