Texas A&M wide receiver Ricky Seals-Jones arrested, will fight the charge

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Texas A&M projected star receiver Ricky Seals-Jones was arrested for disorderly conduct early Sunday morning, according to KBTX.com. According to police, Seals-Jones was being ‘carried away by his friends’ when someone bumped into him. Seals-Jones exchanged words with the man, broke away from his friends and yelled, “F**** you! You want some?”

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After Seals-Jones motioned to the other person like he wanted to fight, he was taken into custody on a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct, and per department policy, he will be indefinitely suspended from the team.

Seals-Jones’ arrest is the latest in a puzzling offseason of off-field misconduct. The first casualty was safety Kameron Miles’ dismissal over a reported theft incident. Defensive lineman Isaiah Golden was arrested for pot and has since withdrawn from the school, although he is expected back by fall. Linebacker Darian Claiborne, who was arrested last December on a marijuana charge, was also arrested alongside Golden for a noise violation. The latest arrest came from the aforementioned Hill, who was passed out in a planter box.

Seals-Jones redshirted the 2013 season after injuring his knee in the season opener against Rice. The charge against Seals-Jones seems rather weak.

Update: Seals-Jones will fight the disorderly conduct charges, via TexAgs. RSJ said he had nothing to drink, and he went to pick up a friend. The other person cursed at him and called him the ‘N’ word. Words were exchanged and Ricky was arrested…not the other person. An independent witness claims he can confirm the facts.

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  • Geez. What’s up with the local police in College Station? Seem like they have a bone to pick with the football team. You could arrest several people every single night on this very charge. Ugh

    • Who says they don’t? At least they are doing something about it instead of passing it off as nothing purely for the fact that they are football players.

    • College Station police are well known dirtbags. I’m a current student and I have seen them taze people for the same thing that RSJ claims to have happened, unlawfully search vehicles and homes, and once at a house party they chased down and tackled girls who were running away. Just yesterday I was sober driving some friends and a cop called me a mothef***** at a DWI check point because I knew my rights.

  • Sounds like College Station police are worse than Athens police. Definitely has been a rough go of it for A&M this offseason so far.

  • Sounds like the cops in College Station like to poke their chest out further than Johnny Football’s ego